New racing association for SouthWestern Ontario: AMO

AMO: Racing Reloaded – Fresh Face, Fresh Ideas, and a Fresh Energy!


Amateur Motocross Ontario is pleased to announce an organization for the motocross customer in South Western Ontario. AMO is formed by former pro racer Ryan Gauld in an effort to help get SWO back to the top of the racing market in Canada.

“Passion and your heart in the right place can go a long way,” states AMO President, Ryan Gauld. “I can’t reinvent the wheel but I can bring a new energy to SWO and provide a service that people will not be afraid to support or think something shady is happening. I want the sport to grow and show what it can deliver like it’s done for me for over 30 years.”

AMO is built to provide a structured staff to work with the tracks and build a premiere race series, a fresh class format to provide shorter days with longer motos, a superior series with better prizing and a year-end celebration, and lastly, an organization that shows you where the dollar you spend goes. AMO is in this to grow motocross to every age bracket, skill level, and discipline.


Things are moving well with @reloadedamo (Instagram and Twitter. AMORacingReloaded on Facebook) In talks with the tracks and other clubs. The ideas we have are spiking interest. We wish it was a little more simple, but moves like this take a little longer to ensure all our ducks are in a row to make it better for South Western Ontario. Our social networks are launched, and our website is in the design stage.

A PR was to come out with a full explanation of our plans and goals, but we’ll back that up a month. Look for a solid plan in mid to late November. We want all of you to understand everything. Stay tuned for more on the new age, fresh face, fresh ideas, and a new energy to help the sport we love.

Any questions, concerns, or general info needed please email