Press Release From Deschambault

MX DESCHAMBAULT would like to thank all the riders who attended the 2017 ECAN last weekend. Daniel Thibault and his team worked for more than 27 years and always thrive to put the best event possible in the  friendliest atmosphere.

2017 was no exception and we hope all riders and their families left with big smiles and tons of memories.

The 2017 ECAN is an event sanctioned by CMRC Challenge Quebec.  Every rider attending was required to have a CMRC license to race. Daniel knows that some riders did not have a CMRC license. In a previous press releases, it was published that riders without CMRC licenses would be accepted without any charge. In the previous ECAN, a $20 license fee was charged per rider for the event, but for 2017 Daniel Thibault decided to waive that fee to make the event more cost friendly.

CMRC Canada President Mark Stallybrass charged a one-time set fee to the promoter to compensate for those lost fees, and it was left to the discretion of the promoter only to decide whether a cost would be charged for a license for the ECAN.  $20 was the fee applied in previous years.

MX DESCHAMBAULT is the only decision maker regarding any fees being charge during the ECAN.

Guaranteed MX thru Ryan Gauld’s blog claimed “LAST MINUTE TAX”:

MX DESCHAMBAULT charged either additional funds or entry fees and/or license fees for riders without CMRC licenses and said it was orchestrated by CMRC President Mark Stallybrass. Those accusations are totally false because Mark Stallybrass and CMRC had nothing to do with the additional fees.

Entry fees were posted on our website $50 pre-entry and $60 post-entry.

MX DESCHAMBAULT  sent a press release announcing a free CMRC licenses for the weekend of the 2017 ECAN. Daniel Thibault would like to apologize for the mistake at registration.  Since they were under the same rule as previous years, which a $20 fee was charged, that is why CMRC Challenge Quebec charged the riders who didn’t have a CMRC license. Please understand this was really an unintentional mistake.

MX DESCHAMBAULT hopes no one left our dear ECAN with a sour taste about this mistake, s we are offering to compensate every rider who will attend the 2018 GNAC with a $20 credit, which can be applied to their  registration fee.


Daniel Thibault MX Deschambault