Rockstar Energy Triple Crown VENUE CHANGE


Brigden, On – Unfortunately due to an administrative change of circumstance it has become necessary for the Jetwerx Team to make a scheduling change.

This situational change has resulted in Round 2 of the Rockstar Energy MXTOUR Series to be moved to Whispering Pines MX Park, just outside Kamloops, BC.  The schedule date of June 6 & 7 will remain unchanged. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to thank the whole crew at Blackwater MX for hosting exceptional National Races over the last three seasons. We hope and expect to return to the Blackwater MX Park at some future date.

Direct quote from Kourtney Lloyd, a former administrator of Blackwater MX Park: “ I want to make it very clear, this decision to not hold the PG National was not that of the MRC, Jetwerx or Justin Thompson. This decision was mine and mine alone. The details of it are irrelevant but I want to thank everyone that helped me put on 3 Iconic races and put PG on the map as Riders Favorite Track 2 years in a row. I am proud of the events we held and I am proud of my City. I cannot express my gratitude for the Jetwerx team coming so far out of the way to hold events, I know logistically it wasn’t easy but you did and I thank you.”

Jetwerx is grateful for Whispering Pines MX  stepping up to ?ll the void. Their initiative has allowed us to keep National Motocross alive and well in the Province of British Columbia. WPMX has been on the National circuit for many years and has provided some of the best racing this country has ever witnessed. We are excited to go back and create new memories at this legendary track.

Direct Quote from Justin Thompson CEO Jetwerx: “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Whispering Pines MX organization to the series and again thank Kourtney Loyd’s  Blackwater MX Park team for the highly entertaining and successful races held at their facility over the past few years”.

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