Rockstar Triple Crown AX Round 1 – Info and Discount Ticket Code

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DEAL will last until February 28th
Round One
Who will start the year on top?? Last year we saw an epic mud race, with Honda riders Colton Facciotti (450) and Carson Brown (250) take the first-ever Triple Crown Arenacross win.
2018 Round 1 Abbotsford
450 Class
1) 45 – Colton Facciotti
2) 16 – Cole Thompson
3) 5 – Tyler Medaglia
250 Class
1) 910 – Carson Brown
2) 3 – Shawn Maffenbeier
3) 27 – Tanner Ward
Who to watch for?
Coming into 2019, we have seen a few shuffles in teams, but a couple of stand outs to keep an eye on are Phil Nicoletti in the 450 class and Tyler Medaglia in the 250 class.
Phil joined the Triple Crown series in the Supercross portion of 2018, and was an instant threat for race wins, closing out that series with a 2nd overall behind Cole Thompson.
As for Tyler, he will be dropping down to the 250 class for the first time since his back to back 250 titles of 2010/2011. This will make for a very interesting 250 class, as Motocross, Supercross Champ Jess Pettis has now joined the Factory KTM squad, going into this year Pettis and Medaglia are the for sure riders to watch in the smaller bike class.