Ste-Julie Photo Report

by Ryan Gauld

Photos by Randy Wiebe

Another round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals is in the books. Ste-Julie was the setting for round 6 of the series. The racing was pretty good for the most part,  but the drama that unfolded from riders going down or not even racing really shook up the points in MX1 action. Finally, the real Dusty Klatt showed up so the competition had to take a back seat to his show; he massaged his way to his first overall of the year. MX2 saw Kaven Benoit, who just returned to racing, take the win with similar 2-1 moto scores. It was a banner day for the Orange group. Also it was not a better time than now considering the head office for KTM is ten minutes away.

Big thanks to Randy Wiebe for riding the short bus to Ste-Julie and taking these great photos. Enjoy!!

Another NESC boy has joined the Canadian fray. Josh Clarke joins a long list of riders like Mike Treadwell, Keith Johnson, John Dowd, Robbie Marshall and more to race in Canada. He placed 6th at Gopher and now 6th again at Ste-Julie with 7-6 moto scores.


This guy is like the energizer bunny. JBR Racing’s Jay Burke just keeps going and going. He doesn’t do it with flash or show but just plain desire to be a part of the sport to chase his goals. Once again, Jay landed inside the top ten with 10-10 scores for 9th overall. He currently sits 9th in the MX1 standings with 6 motos to go.


I just wrote about a break out ride coming very soon for Parker Allison. Ste-Julie was that ride but he still rode very well and soldiered to 7th in MX2 and currently sits 7th in points. Keep a close eye on Parker in the final six races. He will give us all a surprise, no doubt.


Kyle Beaton has had a tough year so far. He started out super fast and looked like he would take a few moto wins away. Fading, crashes and other small mistakes have left him off the top of the box. We all have been saying it’s just great to see him getting through the series. Well, I agree, but Kyle is much better than where he sits and he showed that this weekend after getting horrible starts (he’s not used to that). He charged hard from the gate drop to checkers waved. He showed some true grit in both motos, (even with a small tip over in moto two). This kind of weekend will give him some a lot of confidence knowing that he never gave up. Beats will win before the year’s end.


If not for a 32nd in moto two in Calgary, Topher Ingalls would be sitting 3rd in the MX2 standings. Topher has fought hard all year with little to no support. On the track this kid is all heart and with the right support and a strong bike, I think he could be fighting for wins week in and week out.


The Quebec fans sure do love racing!!!


Podium in the MX2 class: Jeremy Medaglia 3rd, Teddy Maier 2nd with Kaven Benoit taking the overall.


MX1 Podium – 3rd Bobby Kiniry, 2nd Matt Goerke and winner Dusty Klatt.


MX2 first moto start: Brad Nauditt looks to have it covered but Jeremy Medaglia came in and pushed both Nauditt and Ingalls wide leaving the door open for #28 Spencer Knowles to sneak under to grab the Royal Distributing Holeshot and the $200. Check out the back ground and the start for the #108 Kyle Beaton. He would come back to 6th in this moto.


Jeremy Medaglia rode well this weekend but I know after that first moto he was deflated. He led the majority of the race only to give up two spots to Teddy Maier and Kaven Benoit. In moto 2, he went down in turn one and charged hard to the front and managed to go 3-3 on the day.


Teddy Maier didn’t win on this day but managed to gain points on Jeremy Medaglia who trails him in the standings. He will wear the red plate for another week as the series heads to Moncton.


Moto 1 saw a three way battle between Medaglia, Maier and Benoit that had the entire crowd on their feet. They went at it so hard for about 5 laps. It was amazing to watch.


“Iron” Mike Treadwell gives us the “I’m gunna eat young MX1 riders for breakfast” look as he motors to an impressive 11th overall on the day. Did I mention he is 43 years old? Just wanted to make sure you knew that.


MotoXRadio host Brain Koster gives Randy the thumbs up. KTM’s Danny Brault is trying to figure out why Brett Lee’s feet look so shiny and smell like Scope.


Morgan Burger grabbed his very first holeshot in Canada and $200 bucks from Royal Distributing.


This is the accident that took Tyler Medaglia out for the day. Rumour is he is on crutches and very sore but no word if it’s broken or if he will be out for the remainder of the series.


Matt Goerke settled for a second on this day. Not too bad for a guy that crashed huge in practice and nearly threw up after moto two. Champions ride through anything and Matt Goerke showed us that in Ste-Julie.


Another rider that was sick was Bobby Kiniry. He managed to grab 3-2 moto scores on his way to the third tier on the box, plus he kept his title hunt alive in MX1.


Another impressive weekend for Gavin Gracyk. He rode to an amazing 4th in moto 1 and after a crash early in moto 2, still managed to grab 9th for 5th overall on the day.


It looks like a lot of lines to choose from and many options for the racers. Though the track was super technical and the riders had to race the track more than each other, the more aggressive you got or the harder you pushed played against you.


Dusty Klatt looked so good this weekend. Look for him to keep this going till the last moto at Walton. He seemed to find his comfort zone. After a big win like this and with Moncton next on the schedule (where he took both motos last year), watch out for #2.


Brad Nauditt edged out Spencer Knowles for the Moto 2 holeshot.


Dylan Kaelin was sitting in 3rd before a little tip over gave the spot to his buddy Jeremy Medaglia. There’s lots of chatter about Dylan being the last man on the MXDN team for Canada.


Not sure who was happier, the announcer, who was Mr. Benoit, or Kaven when he crossed the checkers in moto 2 to take the overall on the day.