Ten Great Photos From the 2013 Parts Canada Transcan


Could Walton Raceway be the eighth wonder of the world? I love this early morning photo of Walton Raceway.


The roadways at Walton Raceway took on another new meaning in 2013.


Dylan Wright took his scrubs to a whole new level at this year’s TransCan. It was fun to watch.


Marco Cannella shows perfect form over the natural double.


This is pretty much how close Weston Wrozyna and Dylan Wright were in every moto at the 2013 TransCan. Their battles were the best of the week.


Ryan Lockhart came into the 2013 TransCan well prepared to defend his big #1 plate. The Newf rode great all week and took home the +25 title for the second year in a row. This perfect shot sums up how good he looked.


Preston Masciangelo dominated the 50cc 4-6 class. Here he shows perfect form on his new Cobra.



walton road sign

With over 20 years of blood, sweat and tears, the Lee Family has turned Walton, Ontario into a motocross town.



Each day when the motos ended the fun really began at the TransCan. There was the track building contest, bingo, Walton has talent and Strider races. This kid’s face pretty much sums up how much fun the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan was.

Walton fireworks

This stunning firework show signaled the end to the 2013 Parts Canada TransCan. With perfect weather and great racing every day, it was certainly a week to remember.