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‘Tis the Season With Brett Metcalfe


Have you ever wondered what people in the Canadian motocross industry think about Christmas? Well, wonder no more as over the next few weeks we’re going to reach to some pro riders and industry people to ask them some key festive questions. After speaking to Ryan Lockhart earlier this week, we decided to reach out to another Kawasaki rider and our 2013 MX1 Champion, Brett Metcalfe. Thankfully, Brett took some time out of his preparation for the 2015 Supercross and also his widely anticipated return to next year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals to answer the following Christmas questions:
MXP: What is your best Christmas memory as a child?

I think just being with family and getting crazy excited about opening presents and playing with toys.

Are you a big Christmas person or not?

I’m excited about the week leading up to Christmas but I’m not so big into the whole month leading up to it and all the decorating. Having said that, with a two-year-old boy, that is changing. It’s always a busy time with the supercross season right around the corner so that makes it a little challenging also.

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

We’ll be spending Christmas right here at home in California.

metty walton2

We’ll sure Brett Metcalfe is hoping that Santa brings him another #1 plate in 2015. photo by James Lissimore

Best Christmas gift you ever received?

Well, considering my life now as a pro motocrosser, I think dating back to 1988 when I was four I got my first PW-50 for Christmas. Without that day, my life would probably be different now. My wife, Sheena, got us Laker tickets for a Christmas Day game, which was really cool too.
Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?

Hopefully my wife doesn’t read this, but not yet. I still have a bit over two weeks…no worries, right!
Would you rather race another Regina mudder or have to go to Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve?

Well, thankfully I haven’t had to do either. Although I’ve never been to Regina I think I’ll still take racing in the mud there.
What do you want for Christmas this year?

My son to keep smiling and having fun, and just enjoying time with my family.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I like the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen, they’re pretty good.

metty walton

Canada will get a big Christmas this year by having Brett Metcalfe return to Canada in 2015. Photo by James Lissimore

Be honest, do you wrap present yourself?

Actually, yes, I do wrap myself, but they’re very uniquely done.

If you ever came face to face with Santa what would you ask him?

I’d really like to ask him how he fits through my fake chimney


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