Tune in Wednesday to the Brand New Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

Welcome to the *BRAND New Canadian Moto Show with the voice of BC Motocross and Arenacross Brent “Airmail” Worrall. We discuss everything relevant to the world of dirt bike racing and catch up with a Broad and all Inclusive cast of riders and experts in the sport of dirt bike racing in Canada.

We are full speed ahead into the upcoming Future West Canadian Arenacross series in 9 days and Saturdays Monster Energy Cup. Tonight on the show we set up both of those highly anticipated events with many involved on the track. Kiana Sache a young up and coming racer from Chilliwack B.C. will check in with show and get us up to speed on her progress with her passion for Moto. Also we will chat with many others who plan to make the trek West for this great Arenacross series including Chris Howell and Jake Anstett.

Cole Thompson will check in with the show and get us up to speed with his progress to get back aboard his bike and plans to get dialed in for the upcoming Supercross season and beyond. Cole is always up to chat some moto!

Tonight on the show we continue our great Moto Show giveaways teamed up with Motocross Performance Magazine we have some Atlas Brace apparell as well as a Brand New Atlas Brace Original’ to give away so be sure to tune in at 6:00 pac 9:00 eastern at http://www.canadianmotoshow.com and be ready to call 1-347-677-0979 when the gate drops on giveaways!

We will also our Parts Canada Walton Trans Can amateur national profile with this week so wherever you are please join us for another great episode of the always eventful Canadian Moto Show.