Whirlwind Final weekend For The Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha Team At Sand Del Lee 2 For Round 5

The final week leading up to the final round of the MX tour was controversial. Tough decisions had to be made, and quick, to ensure the integrity of the series and the safety of all persons involved in the series. It was decided mid day Monday that Round 5 would be relocated from Deschambault back to Sand Del Lee Mx Park. This time the racing took place under near perfect weather conditions and a slightly changed race track.

Qualifying Practice started out great with Phil Nicolleti in P-2, Shawn Maffenbeier in P-3 and Sam Gaynor in P-7. This set the team up for a great day of racing.

When the gate dropped on Moto 1 all three of the riders rounded turn 1 in the top 8. By the second corner Nicoletti made the move into the lead and started putting in some strong laps and pulled a small gap on the rest of the field in the opening laps. Shawn worked his way into 4th and Gaynor was battling and held strong to finish in 7th after coming together with a lapper and breaking his big toe and dislocating the second toe. By the fifth lap Nicolleti started getting into lapped traffic and had to miss jumping a big double which allowed Wright to close in on him. For the next 4 laps Nicoletti and Wright put in some blazing fast laps pulling some 30 seconds ahead of third when disaster struck for Nicoletti, ending his day and season. This put Maffenbeier into 3rd place and this is where he finished. Nicoletti left in an ambulance to have the wound on his hand assessed, cleaned and stitched.

Heading in to the Moto 2 Sunday morning, Sam decided that he was going to ride despite his broken toe. So the OTSFF crew focused on Shawn and Sam on this race day.

When the gate dropped, both Maffenbeier and Gaynor were inside the top 8. Sam started 5th and battled for position most of the moto to a hard fough 6th at the checkers. Shawn got into a three-way battle for half of the moto with Medaglia and Goerke. Shawn had the speed to get past them but was unable to find the lines to make the pass happen and finished in 4th.

The final Moto of the MX Tour was picturesque with perfect temperatures and blue skies. A welcome change from the past three rounds. With the final gate drop, it was Maffenbeier and Gaynor with the front of the pack. Maffenbeier made some quick passes to get on the rear wheel of front four riders. He made a pass on Goerke and then closed on the gap to reach Medaglia. After catching Medaglia and after many attempts, Maffenbeier made the pass on Medaglia in a tight corner and up the face of a jump. This sparked Medaglia and he responded with taking out the front wheel of Maffenbeier about 6 corners later. This knocked Maffenbeier back to 4th again. He remounted though, and pushed to the front again passing Goerke but just short of catching Medaglia. He finished 3rd. Gaynor got into 7th and rode a fairly uneventful Moto and crossed the finished line in the position. Gaynor showed true heart and grit, grinding out the day with his injuries and even having to ride with two different sized boots to allow his swollen foot to fit.

That is a wrap on 5 Round, 14 Moto MX Tour. The unfortunate injury caused Nicoletti to drop from 2nd to 5th in the MX Series.

Maffenbeier turned up the heat in the final three weekends of the series and moved from 5th to a 3rd with 2nd in sight.

Gaynor showed big improvements from 2019 and tied in points for 6th in just his second season in the 450 class.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors that stuck it out with us during these difficult times. To all of the team members on the team that made huge sacrifices travelling on the road more then usual and being away from friends and family, your dedication did not go unnoticed. Thank you.

We are excited to get started in the SX Tour with Maffenbeier and Gaynor. Unfortunately Nicoletti will not be able to compete in the SX Tour. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Sand Del Lee 2 – Round 5 Weekend Results

1st #9 Honda DYLAN WRIGHT

1st 1st 1st 75

2nd #2 Kawasaki MATT GOERKE

2nd 2nd 4th 62

3rd #5 Kawasaki TYLER MEDAGLIA

4th 3rd 2nd 60


3rd 4th 3rd 58

5th #10 Husqvarna KEYLAN MESTON

6th 5th 5th 47

6th #26 Kawasaki JOSH CARTWRIGHT

5th 7th 6th 45

7th #28 Yamaha SAM GAYNOR

7th 6th 7th 43

36th #54 Yamaha PHIL NICOLETTI

35th DNF DNF 0

MX Tour Series Ending Results


#9 – COURTLAND, ON 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 335


#2 – PANAMA CITY, FL 3rd 2nd 4th 4th 2nd 269 (-66)


#3 – KAMLOOPS, BC 5th 6th 3rd 3rd 4th 260 (-75)


#5 – BROOKFIELD, NS 4th 4th 6th 5th 3rd 255 (-80)


#54 – Charlotte, NC 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 236 (-99)


#28 – ERIN, ON 6th 9th 8th 7th 7th 192 (-143)