Yamaha Motor Canada Presents MXP Chatter From Calgary- Cannella, Ward, Wright, Facciotti

As the gate dropped on Round’s 2 and 3 of the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series, all of the riders and teams were eager to compete on the technical Calgary track. With cold and snowy temperatures outside, the racing inside was intense as the riders battle in each and every race. When all was said and done, the fans in Calgary were entertained and everyone is now looking forward to Round 4 in Sarnia. When the racing was complete, Austin Watling was able to catch up with Marco Cannella, Tanner Ward, Dylan Wright and Colton Facciotti for this weeks Yamaha Motor Canada MXP Chatter. 

Marco Cannella:

MXP: Okay, give me a run down on how qualifying went and how the heats and main went.

Marco: Qualifying went pretty good, I qualified 3rd and I was feeling good. I just kind of smoothened out today and was riding more relaxed and ended up getting 2nd in the heat race. I made a few passes and got into the Clash for Cash, which was my goal and I ended up getting a pretty good start in that and I was running around 5th or 6th  I was just pumped to be in it and hit a kicker on the triple and got out of shape, but I got up and pulled off that race. I kind of came back, regrouped and then ended up getting 3rd in the 250 main, which is the best I’ve done all year by far, so I’m just pumped to end the night off on a high and feeling good going into the next three rounds.

MXP: What is it like doing the transition from amateur to pro?

Marco: Well, obviously now there’s more pressure and the guys are racing harder as it’s for money now. Obviously you’re not thinking about that on the track, but you gotta be aware that they’re not afraid to run it in on you and I’m learning more with every race.

MXP: What are you doing from now until the Motocross season starts, the outdoors?

Marco: I’ve been training at Club MX for the last three months but went home for Christmas for a nice break.  We are back there full time now and I’m actually flying out at 1 am this morning and  were going to go to Freestone, but it ended up not working out and I’m just going to be at Club MX doing my thing. I will be getting ready for the rest of the Arenacross, and then going into the outdoor series.

MXP: What are your goals for the Triple Crown Series?


Marco: All in all, I just want to just be on the box consistently every weekend and just be up there running with the top guys and trying to learn something new every weekend.


Dylan Wright:


MXP: Okay Dylan, give me a run down on how qualifying went, the heats and just overall how the day went?

Dylan: Yeah, we had a good practice and qualifier and made a lot of bike changes for the track. It’s a little bit different as there are not a lot of bowl turns so it’s pretty flat corners and stuff. I had to make a few bike changes and went out in the qualifier, got a pretty good start, right behind Tanner and kind of pressured him a little bit and then ended up making a pass after the finish line. I put a little gap on him and got the win in the qualifier, which felt pretty good after putting so much hard work in down south and not having exactly the first round we wanted.  So it was good to finally get that qualifier win. Then we went to the Dash for Cash, or whatever they call it, and I ended up getting the holeshot. Having Colt right behind me made it kind of feet like GPF all over again, with riding during the week with him on my butt. I just tried to ride my own race, but every time he’s behind me I seem to ride super tight because I’m worried he’s just going to give me crap after and pick out everything I do wrong, which is normally what happens at the track. So, I rode tight and then he was going a little bit quicker than me, so I just kind of left the door open a little bit, but after we touched pretty good in the whoops, so I left the door open and let him go by. Then, you know I kind of just tried to ride my own race and Cole ended up getting by me and you know what, it was kind of good to go out and dice it out with those guys before our 250 main event. Then in our 250 main event I got, I think 2nd off the start behind Newf and he just kind of let me flow by him around the inside, he’s a pretty nice guy, you know, to let me do that. I kind of tried to ride my own race, but ended up riding a little bit tight, and left the door wide open after getting caught up by a couple lappers and Maff kind of drover ‘er in there. I tried to get him back after that and we came together, but always racing with him is always fun, so – we rub, but we try not to, we try to be nice.

(GDR Boss Derek Schuster jumps in and asks a question)


Derek: I got a question.

Dylan: What’s your question?

Derek: How pumped do you think the boss would’ve been if the 45 and 12 were down in the whoops there in the Clash for Cash?

Dylan: Probably not too pumped, as I feel like he probably freaked out when we hit in the whoops.


MXP: What are you going to do to get ready for the Eastern rounds of Arenacross and then coming into Motocross, what are you doing for training and all that?


Dylan: Yeah, I mean, we’ve been riding a lot of indoors lately, so I think, just fly back after tomorrow. Hopefully we get the win and have some momentum heading east. Just fly back to GPF and put in the work, hit the gym hard everyday and ride and kind of split the time up between outdoors and indoors. You know, to get ready for outdoors because, I mean, that’s going to come up pretty quick, so kind of just ride with Colton and he’s been helping me out quite a bit. So ride with him and try to learn, try to learn from him a little bit and hopefully pick up a little bit of pace so that, come the east coast and the outdoors, I have a little bit more speed to show. I want to just keep progressing throughout the season as it is a long season and we have to stay consistent, so it’s going to be important to stay healthy.


MXP: Goals and expectations for the rest of the season going through outdoors, Supercross, what are you looking for?


Dylan: Yeah, I mean, obviously getting the win is always there, but I feel like what I need to do this year is just ride a little bit smarter. You know, like if one day it’s going to be a 3rd or a 2nd I have to take that because, like I say, it’s a long series and we got a lot of rounds. You kind of just have to be consistent and take the win when it’s there, but also not, not make any bonehead moves and throw it away or push too hard and crash. You know because we can’t have very, very many bad rounds, so just be consistent and I mean, hopefully, hopefully win a bunch. That would be nice for the team because we all, we all work really hard, so yeah I mean, get the “W” obviously and then hopefully holding the # 1 plate at the end of the season.


Tanner Ward:


MXP: Okay. Give us a run down on how your day went.


Tanner: The day wasn’t how I wanted, I mean, to be honest, the weekend really wasn’t how I wanted it to be. Yesterday I ended up with a big crash and didn’t even finish the main. Then today I didn’t get the start I wanted in the main, and then I was actually starting to pick off guys and I went into like the 5th spot. You know I could see that I was right with 3rd and 4th, and 2nd actually, just everybody was right there, and I don’t know what, I made a slight mistake and I ended up on the ground. The next thing you know, I’m at the back of the pack again. I picked off a few guys, I think I might have ended up like 5th, but not where I wanted to be. I got a lot of work to do and  yeah, like I said, not where I wanted to be, but I’m excited to come to Sarnia. It’s going to feel like a hometown race, I mean, I’ve lived there for 3 years, not consistently, but it’s going to feel like home there, so I’m excited to get there. I have a lot of work to do when I get back to Club.


MXP: What have you learned the most out of these first couple of Arenacross’s, what are you going to go back and work on?


Tanner: Just consistent laps. No mistakes. That’s my thing. Clearly I showed them some speed. I led a few laps in the heat race, and then just the mistake really is what got me , so yeah, if I can just kind of put consistent laps together without making mistakes. That’s where it’s going to really count coming down to those 15 lap main events, so yeah, go back to Club and start doing 15 laps and just limit the mistakes.


MXP: What are your plans from now until the outdoor season starts?


Tanner: For now I’m going to go back to Club MX and train with my teammate Kaven Benoit and I’ll probably continue riding Arenacross until Arenacross is over. Then I got about a little over a month to when the outdoor starts. I’ve been riding outdoors, but yeah, that’s kind of the plan, then I’ll start riding outdoors and get back to Alpha MX back in, back home I guess,   I consider that and yeah, kind of same program as it was last year, just gonna work my butt off just so I can be where I belong.


MXP: You guys, your team just signed with Red Bull, you know, what do you, what does that bring to the table and what does it mean to have Red Bull on your chest?


Tanner: It’s awesome! I mean, it kind of just makes our team like legit I guess if you want to say. Like we’re already a legit team, but Red Bull is such an awesome brand, I mean, to be representing them is honestly a dream come true. Just, when I first ever seen my Red Bull helmet, it was just like, like this is real life, like it’s crazy, and to be able to say I’m a Red Bull athlete, I mean, that means a lot.  I mean, a lot of kids and people dream of that, and to be able to say that is, is really rewarding honestly, and I’m happy I’m able to represent such an awesome brand.


 Colton Facciotti:


MXP: Okay, Colton, how was the track, compared to Abbottsford?


Colton: (laughs) It’s not really even a comparison, the first round was pretty muddy, so I didn’t really get to, you know, get a sense of who was quick and who was not. Who would be the guys to beat this season in Arenacross, so this weekend’s definitely a better test to see who, who I need to worry about and who’s going fast. It’s definitely, definitely going to be Cole and Tyler by the looks of it now, so – but the track was good, track was solid this weekend or tonight anyways. I’m not too sure if they’ll make some changes for tomorrow or not, but I guess we’ll see. But, I mean, it was good, track was pretty mellow, everybody was kind of going somewhat the same speed, so the start was pretty key. I got good starts all night until the main event, and kind of fell apart there and had to work my way from the middle of the pack there.



MXP: Give us a little run down on yours and Dylan’s, you guys went in the Clash because you guys were top 2 in your heat, so give us a little run down on that rubbing.


Colton: Yeah, I mean, we are teammates for sure, but, you know, now it’s a little different, we’re doing the, we did the Clash together there, so it’s every man for yourself. Definitely didn’t want to get as close to him as I did, it was like of like, I thought he was going more so on the right side of the whoops and our lines kind of came together a little bit. So it got a little bit hairy there, a little bit worried that I was gonna, we were gonna take each other out, but luckily kind of rode it out, banged bars a little bit and went through it. But yeah, it’s just one of those things that, you know, riding against your teammates, it’s tough, you know, you have to be a little bit more careful I think, and you know, hopefully we’ll learn from that and not do it again.


MXP: What are your goals for tomorrow and coming into the eastern Arenacross rounds?


Colton: It’s going to be a big break after tomorrow, so obviously get that red plate back. I’m, I think I’m a point or two down on Cole now after getting 3rd that main event. So yeah, it’s a big break, so, you know, I want to get, get the momentum back on my side and, you

know, hopefully get off to a good start tomorrow night and run with those guys.


MXP: What are you doing for training in between this and the eastern rounds?


Colton: The plan is to go back to GPF, fly back Sunday, so get back down there, and it’s a little bit of a gap, so like start doing a little bit of outdoor testing and that sort of thing. Then get back into some Arenacross right before the Arenacross rounds start out east.


MXP: Okay. Anyone you want to thank?


Colton: Just the whole, the whole crew, the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing, SSS Suspension, Proven Motors, Pro Circuit , Atlas, Matrix, my mechanic, just everybody who’s helped us out, Marin Bikes, yeah, everybody, thanks!