Yamaha’s popular bLU cRU Factory Ride Award returns for 2018 MX season

May 24, 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Yamaha Motor Canada has announced that its popular bLU cRU Factory Ride Award will once again be available to aspiring amateur racers at two of the biggest amateur motocross events in all of Canada during the 2018 racing season.

Jake Tricco (centre) accepts the 2017 Eastern bLU cRU Factory Ride Award at Deschambault from Yamaha Motor Canada’s Francois Morneau (left) last August. Josh Gedak (not pictured) was the second winner in 2017.

First introduced in 2011, the bLU cRU Factory Ride Award grants one lucky racer the use of a YZ motorcycle for the 2019 racing season. Also included in the prize are a $2,500 parts credit and a customized graphics kit from LimeNine.

The 2018 bLU cRU Factory Ride Award will be available to amateur Yamaha racers competing on a YZ motorcycle at the Eastern Amateur Grand National (Deschambault, QC) on August 2-5 and the Walton TransCan Grand National Championship (Walton, ON) on August 14-18.

“As we continue to build our bLU cRU racing program in Canada, the MX Factory Ride Award remains a vital piece of the equation,” said Graeme Jones, marketing coordinator at Yamaha Motor Canada. “Yamaha is pleased to reward young, ambitious racers for their hard work with a new, reliable YZ and a parts credit as they take their careers to the next level.”

How Do You Win?

Of all the Yamaha riders at each event, the winning rider must attain the most cumulative points for their finishes.

The Rules

• Contest open only to amateur Yamaha riders.

• Winner must be a resident of Canada.

• Winner’s Yamaha must be a Canadian-purchased unit.

• Winner cannot be an employee of Yamaha Motor Canada or one of its dealerships.

• Winner is only eligible for one prize (cannot win at multiple events).