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Female Perspective

Jackie Riess offers a women’s perspective of motocross, moto business with other women in the sport we all love.

Watch: The Female Perspective Episode 7- Minneapolis SX

Jackie Riess is joined by 6x Canadian WMX champ, Eve Brodeur for episode 7 covering Minneapolis Supercross. They talk about the race from the track and TV perspectives, and cover three Canadians competing in the 250 East series: Tanner Ward, Julien Benek, and Guillaume St-Cyr. Tune in for all this and more from MXP Magazine. The Female Perspective | Episode ...

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Watch: The Female Perspective | Episode 4 | Anaheim 2 SX

Jackie Riess and Lindsey Bradley discuss Anaheim 2 Supercross and current events in Canadian moto. This week KTM Canada announced their 2022 roster, Cole Thompson continues to hold his own in the 250 West Supercross series, and Alex Gatt competed in the Supercross Futures program. Overall in Anaheim, Christian Craig continues to show his veteran expertise as he dominates the ...

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Watch: The Female Perspective – Episode 1- Anaheim 1

We at MXP Magazine love introducing new columns and new featured stories. Well, this week we have a new addition to our website and that is the Female Perspective Podcast with Jackie Riess where she discusses the Anaheim SX with multi-time Canadian WMX Champion Eve Brodeur as well as talented Ontario WMX rider Lindsey Bradley. Although Jackie, a talented WMX ...

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