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Decal Works Presents Monday Gate Drop

mxp gate drop

Good day and welcome to Monday Gate Drop presented by the cool, hockey loving folks at DeCal Works. It’s been almost 20 years since I first met Ron Joynt, the owner of DeCal Works, and of course I met him at a hockey game. These guys love hockey, Canada, and of course making graphics. If you ever need an awesome set of custom graphics for your new or used bike then visit and in minutes you can design your own set of graphics.

Here we are, the final Monday Gate Drop before Christmas Day. Keeping that in mind, I can tell you that this week it’s going to be short and sweet. Even we fearless Canadian motocross media need some light work days around the holiday season. So is everyone out there ready for Christmas? Judging by all of the ‘Tis the Season questions I’ve been sending out, not one person (besides Colton Facciotti) wants to be anywhere near a shopping mall this close to Christmas Day, so I hope everyone is ready to roll.

I must admit I’m pretty envious to see all the Social Media posts from all of the motocross families who are taking to the next few weeks to head south to get some riding in. As one cold and dreary day blends into the next here in Ontario, getting in a vehicle and driving to Florida sounds like a perfect idea. I hope everyone has a safe time riding down south over the holidays. Enjoy yourselves as the rest of us stay here and prepare for the newest and perhaps most creatively named storm approaches; the “Santa Bomb” is supposed to explode in Ontario and the east coast on Wednesday. Who comes up with these guileful terms for all of these storms?


So let`s get to the big news from last week. As every two wheeled fan throughout the world found out on Thursday, James Stewart is now officially banned from racing in FIM and AMA sanctioned events until August 11th, 2015. This penalty pretty much ruins any chance Stewart has of winning anything in 2015, and truth be told, this sentence certainly could threaten his career. He’s not exactly a young guy anymore, and although he’s won some races in the last few years, the competition has definitely caught up. While JS7 is sitting on the sideline through all of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross Series and almost all of the AMA Outdoor Series, his rivals will be racing and getting faster. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying for a second that Stewart isn’t capable of taking a year off to then come back and still win some races. All I’m saying is that once again, through his own mistakes, he’s in a really tough spot.

It’s very interesting, only in the last couple of seasons have I become a James Stewart fan. Once he started riding for the Yoshimura Suzuki Team I started to really appreciate some of the things he did on a motorcycle, and I think the Suzuki suits him better than any of the other bikes he’s raced. But all of that matters very little when you willingly or unwillingly break the rules that are in place. All James had to do was get a TUE for his Adderall prescription and he would’ve been fine. Now he’s forced to sit out what could be the most entertaining Supercross Series we’ve seen since 2011. However, as they say, on January 3rd the gate will drop in Anaheim regardless of who is on the starting line.

st js7

Changing of the guard! Like everyone I’m sure, I think it’s sad that we may never see these two champions battle ever again.

I kind of feel like it’s a sad day in this sport as you’d think moto would be immune to the troubles that other sports seem to revel in. I guess it’s just the sign of the times. Is the FIM’s punishment of James too harsh? Of course it is, however you just knew that the first time a big name in our sport messed up they were going to have the book thrown at them. With this punishment apparently coming from the FIM and not directly from WADA, it’s a pretty scary precedence as I thought organizations like the FIM are supposed to be supportive of its members and not out for blood. It seems the riders in this sport are really powerless when it comes to any type of lobbying for their rights. In the big picture, this situation must make the AMA hungrier than ever to say goodbye to the FIM forever as their sanctioning partner for Supercross. That would make a return of the Toronto SX even less likely in 2016 and beyond. Anyway, I suggest that James and his team should show up at Kamloops for round one of the 2016 Rockstar Energy Drink Motocross Nationals and do some good old fashion Canadian racing. Oh yes, on a side note, it looks as though the Canadian series will be starting in Kamloops and then heading west to Nanaimo before beginning it’s easterly trek. A full schedule should be out very soon.

With all of the focus on James Stewart, some of you might have missed that a couple of our honorary Canadians were in Munich this past weekend for the Munich SX. Ross Johnson and Bobby Kiniry were both in Germany racing, and although they didn’t win a main event, they did ride pretty well and also got to spend the weekend before Christmas in one of the coolest cites in Europe. Both riders will now be making their way back home to spend the holidays with their growing families.

Anyway, that’s it for me this week. I hope everyone has a great week and I really hope Santa is good to all of you. I know my family has been very good so Santa should be lighting this place up on Christmas Eve. Please have a safe holiday and stay tuned for the final Monday Gate Drop of 2014 next Monday when I look back at my favourite moments of the past year. Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!!!

nanaimo bobby

It’s great to hear about this guy back on a race track.


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