Florida Mini Olympics: Day 1

Like herding cattle.

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The 2012 Florida Mini O’s are under way. These guys should do know how to pack a lot laps into one day. 19 practices with some that had more then one session. Plus 9 motos with some that had more then one division. It was jammed but full of excitement and some really amazing racing.

Tomorrow is another full day of motos with many canucks in the mix. Here are some pics from day 1.

Hunter Scott on the gas on the Supercross track. He would finish 15th in his heat today just missing by 1 spot to make the main. He will have to ride the LCQ


There were lots of crashes on the Sx track today as you will see in this photo report.


This place is loaded with people no matter where you look.


Tanner Scott nearly grabbed the holeshot in 51cc 4-6. He would run 5th for 3 laps then decided to look around as if there was something more important then racing going on. It was pretty funny. He would grab 10th at the checkers.


Anthony Rodriguez was on the phone before his first race today. Talking to his agent?? or maybe his chick?? Whoever it was didn’t help with his result. He would run upfront in 250A then throw it away and DNF.


The first start of the day was 250A. These kids were to the bar WFO!!! Check the #937 getting loose.


This kid is super impressive. Cooper Webb started outside the top 10 and worked his way to the front with ease. He is the real deal, and the next kid to keep an eye after Loretta’s next year.


I think there’s something missing but I can’t put my finger on what it is. hmmm…… This kid got up after a big tumble.


#128 looks ok so far……..


But it didn’t end well…… OUCH!!!!!


Cameron Lakie is from Queensville, Ontario and rode the 250 C Stock class. He will have ride the last chance to make the final.


Do you remember Dave Gowland? Former Canadian team manager and wrench to Ross Pederson in the late 80’s. Well he now runs the entire Rockstar Suzuki team, Pro and Amateur. His only rider this week is Daniel Baker.


Mitchell Harrison is the product of GPF under the tutelage of Josh Woods, former Canadian MX2 champion. This kid is super fats but a small mistake saw him tumble over the bails while leading the super mini class. He still got up to finish 2nd.

This little guy case the big triple, but was ok. The tack workers here will do anything to ensure the safety of the riders.

All Canadians to follow:

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