Florida Mini O’s: Day 3

Supercross is done man!!!!

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The Florida Mini Olympics is very different then any other event in the sport. They challenge the racers on both Supercross and Motocross. Supercross is the first challenge for the thousands of racers that showed up. 40 different class champions were crowned yesterday. As I keep saying, the A class is so amazing to watch, but there are so many other classes as well full of talent. For a passionate race fan this event is great to grab a seat in the stands, sit back, and just watch the future of our sport from ages 4 all the way to plus 50. I myself had a great day finishing 3rd in plus 25, and 2nd in plus 30. Though, this event is geared towards the amateurs with our top Amateur Canadian being Tanner Ward who rode to a solid 6th in Mini Sr 12-15 Mod. He would’ve finished around the same in 85 12-13 mod as well, but his Yamaha expired with 1 lap to go causing him to cross the line in 12th. The rest of the Canadian contingent showed some skill on the tough Supercross course, with all the riders giving it there all each and every time on the track.

Enjoy some photos from yesterday’s action.

Cooper Webb was the very first champion crowned on the Supercross track in the 250A class. He would take three titles, and prove that he is the man to beat this week.


Right after the race each champion gets to be live on Moto Playground while being interviewed.


Trevor Gervais has really good style. He finished 20th in 250c stock.


Cameron Lakie also raced the 250 C Stock class and finished just behind his Edge Performance teammate Gervais in 22nd.


The second turn always had huge pile ups.


This flagger was so happy all day. She had the Ipod rocking, and dancing during every race.


New Pant Saggin peaks. LOL


Tanner Scott rode to 13th in the 4-6 51 cc age group. This kid doesn’t have a care in the world. Where he finished didn’t matter. When asked if he was happy with 13th he replied, “I don’t care. I’m so mad at my brother for picking a bad gate. He made me get a bad start.” Hahahaha


A proud father and son moment.


The sound system provided by Red Bull. It was booming all day.


Canadian amateur champion Joey Crown is amongst the fastest mini riders at this event. He would take home the Supermini 2 13-16 class title to add to an amazing year in 2012.


Pus 50 rider Thomas Dretzka is hilarious out on the track. Basically every chance he gets, or should I say breath he takes. He yells out a “woo hoo” or “yee Haa.” This guy just enjoys this sport and has for many years.


In these last three pictures. Check out the guy on the very inside, #26. He blows his hand right off the bar, and through the hay bail. Then gets it back on without going down. That’s some James Bond stuff right there.


Taylor Ciampichini looked a little nervous on the Supercross track but still manage to grab 17th in Open B Mod.


Tanner Ward #84 was the star of the Canadian field on the Supercross track. He rode so well taking home 6th in Mini Sr 12-15 Mod. As I said above, he would’ve finished around the same in 85 12-13 Mod but some bad luck took it away from him. Look for Tanner to ride even better on the outdoor track.


Poor Joey Crown was looking to grab a second title, but his linkage broke on his RM 85.


Nate Hussin rode really well in the Youth 12-16 Mod class. He was taken out just before the finish line while running 13th. He remounted to cross the line in 26th.


I saw this guy riding on the outdoor track in practice, and just had to get a shot. Rolling vintage style!!

No matter what country we’re in. MXP is known and loved!!!. Thanks guys. Motocross starts today.

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  1. remember Rob he cant ride that 50 in the 50 class up there. They dont have a modded 50 class. He has a pipe and elkas. I dont see the other 50 parents letting it go without saying something. He may be able to sneak him into some races on the grounds that he is not racing for a points championship though. Hope to see you guys up there soon. After the last trip to Bartow we r probably gonna just concentrate on Dade. That step up where we had the incident was not groomed well and washed out. Should have never happened. I cant risk that again. I went out the next day to look for some missing parts and the kid out there thought I was joking and asked me “you arent gonna sue us are you?” No thoughts of that, but everyone there knew the track caused this crash and it could have been avoided. The same washout even took brady out too. Should have never happened and the track should have had it ready to race on.