Honda Canada Racing Presents Behind The Lens From Geneva


This past weekend, Dylan Wright and some of his GDR Honda crew headed over to the 2019 Monster Energy Geneva Supercross. This was Dylan’s first time flying over the Atlantic Ocean to compete in an International event like this, so we’re sure he was feeling a few nerves as he arrived in the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva. Dylan, along with the honorary Canadian rider Joey Crown were signed up for the 250 class, while the 450 class featured top American riders such as Justin Brayton, Justin Hill, Vince Friese, Martin Davalos, Malcolm Stewart, and Mike Alessi. Over the years the Geneva SX has been a popular off-season stop for our sport’s best SX riders and 2019 was no different. All weekend long Dylan Wright battled as if his life depended on it, and although he crashed a few times and was unable to find his way to the podium, he did an amazing job of entertaining the fans and making us all proud. Our man James Lissimore was also on hand and sent us these incredible photos for this week’s Honda Racing Behind the Lens.

Inside the Geneva Stadium the track was tight, soft and entertaining for the fans.

This has been the home of the Geneva SX for many years.

Mike Alessi had been over in Germany racing in their SX series for a few weeks so he decided to make the short trek to Geneva to race. He would go on to finish up in 10th overall.

Justin Barcia rode smooth all weekend to finish on the podium in his final race of 2019.

The local amateur riders in Geneva loved hanging out with Barcia all weekend long.

Once again the most traveled rider award goes to Justin Brayton. Last weekend he was winning the Australian SX Championship in Melbourne, and this weekend he was winning the Geneva SX.

As a member of the factory HRC Honda team for 2020, Geneva gave Brayton a final chance to test to race bike.

Joey Crown had the whoops and his starts nailed all weekend long. This aloud him to win both nights of racing in the 250 class.

Joey has had a very challenging 2019 season so it was great to see him win the overall in Geneva.

Sometimes a smile can say a thousand words.

Very few people predicted that Martin Davalos would be so fast in Geneva. He won the opening night of racing and then would go on to finish second overall.

This was Dylan’s first overseas supercross so he was excited to hit the track.

During halftime Adam Enticknap entertained the crowd with his rap show.

In Geneva, a good start was everything and Joey Crown had his starts figured out all weekend long.

Yes the Geneva SX had pom-pom girls.

During the opening night of racing Davalos grabbed the holeshot in the main event and never looked back.

As they do each and every year, the fans in Geneva got to see a great pre-race show.

Dylan Wright and his crew had a great set-up in Geneva.

On the Friday night before the race Dylan Wright joined his fellow riders for the press conference.

This photo explains why getting to Turn 1 near the front of the pack was so important.

Just as he was in Canada in 2018, Joey Crown was lightening fast off the gate during both nights of racing in Geneva.

Malcolm Stewart rode well in Geneva but he lack a little of the speed that the Top 3 riders had. He would go on to finish in 4th overall.

Even Tony Alessi flew over to Geneva to watch his son race.

Although the weekend didn’t go as planned, Dylan had fun racing against some new riders.

Unfortunately the challenging whoop section would give Dylan issues all weekend in Geneva.

When the whoops were fresh Dylan was as fast as any rider through them.

Thanks to Dylan Wright for entertaining us and for taking over the MXP Instagram for the weekend.