Lost Chronicles #1

Anaheim inside report

By: Frankie Bellissimo

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Here we are sitting close to a month deep already in 2012. There is no down time really if you want to stay focused, and on top. If I’m not working, I’m participating in an activity or renovating properties. With any other time to spare I like to travel to a destination where I can ride, surf or snowboard with friends. A day after MXP went to print for the Photo Annual Issue. I left for California for a tour of events including Anaheim 1 Supercross. I was also able to snowboard at Bear Mountain in sunglasses, T-shirt and Jeans. A childhood dream I’ve had, and I did it with long time crew, Shane Gould of FUEL, Matt Jording of Sageroom, and Brent Thur. My 2002 125 East Coast teammate. It was another trip with nothing but great times, and great memories.


Snow crew getting some rays on the slopes.

Before the Anaheim SX race, I was able to attend the Agenda Show in Long Beach to see the latest in Surf and Snowboard fashion. MX lines such as FMF, Hart and Huntington and Metal Mulisha were some of the larger booths.


 Brian Deegan was in charge at the Mulisha exhibit.



Met a real Dingo grabbing 12 o’clock beers.

We are already onto the 3rd Round of the 2012 AMA Monster Energy Supercross Series.  I was able to attend round 1, and can say the event was over the top and was truly amazing for me.  I was able to spend the race day with some of my best friends from South Carolina, and catch up with some of our CMRC National competing riders.  The event was so packed with huge spectator attendances that filled the race pits with high fan energy, dancing Monster Girls, and DJ’s creating an outdoor club experience.   Everyone was in for a great evening and another start of an epic season.


Stadium in the hot California sun.

I was able to film a bit of the Lights practice trackside in the hot sun. Brad Nauditt #620 was hard at work and ready to race strong qualifiers in the Lights class. I got jumped trackside by Confused Clothing’s Kevin Urquhart who was sidelined with an injured wrist from training three days prior.  Kyle Beaton was real solid in the qualifiers and you can see he has the speed and talent.


Here is a video that captures some of the feeling from the season opener in Anaheim.


Topher Ingalls new stylish set up.

Topher Ingalls was on his rower before the night program under the tent in the pits. I was able to catch up with the stoked MXP cover boy with his new Lights Supercross team: Experts Exchange. Their bikes looked very appealing and he looked fast on the track, but did not make the Main event.


Teddy Maier and Brad Nauditt share the same team on HyperX.  Teddy was able to make the main in the first 2 rounds so far and is the only rider from CMRC to qualify.

During a lunch stop in Huntington Beach. I bumped into Brad while watching a street performer of a older “Gary Busey” looking man hammer a nail all the way down his nose.


Nauditt taking it to the beach the day after Anaheim 1.

The other part of my trip was hanging with Confused Clothings Ryan D’Arrigo who lives close to all the SX practice tracks. We went Go Karting at F1, and had some serious battles as I almost landed on Brent Thur after catching air from Brent’s ballistic pass. It was a full fun packed week, but now back to my office at the cottage. It’s time to set up our year, get ready for Indy trade show February 17, 18, and 19. MXP (Gauldy and I), with a selected group of Canadian Industry leaders will be facing off in the Annual hockey tournament. I look forward to getting together with the boys, having Chris Pomeroy between the pipes and stopping the puck.

It’s been a slow winter, in the sense that there’s been a lack of snow in Southern Ontario for Snowboarding and Snowmobiling. There’re many shops and dealers that bank on having a strong winter with the sales of sled parts, and are missing out. I hope this cold front and fresh snow continues to make the best of the season. ATC Coral www.atccorral.com in Stouffville, Ontario and Edge Performance www.edgeperformance.ca in Bradford, Ontario are my recommendations for your Polaris OEM parts and accessories.

Please contact frankie@mxpmag.com to submit any of your inquires for MXP Films, and thoughts and requests.