Monday Maniac #3

Monday Maniac #3

By: Ryan Gauld

“It feels so good to be back”, quoting Eminem. I was out of town for a week in Negril, Jamaica with my girlfriend Andrea; the first non-moto vacation I have ever taken in my life – no lie. It was pretty fun. Andrea had a great time but I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the beach one bit. I get so bored after 20 minutes of sitting around doing nothing (unless it’s in the comfort of my own home) burning in the sun and sweating with every movement. I will say that it was beautiful for the eyes to see, but damn! I guess I’m a workaholic now because I actually missed work when I was away. Just as I said that, my 15 year-old self just slapped me in the face and the eyes glossed up a bit. LOL I’m pumped to get it off my bucket list but I think it’s safe to say that a trip like that will not be in the cards anytime soon for this guy – sorry Z, just not my thing.

Wallaceburg 2012 001

Mark Perrin, (right) chatting with Chris Pomeroy, is doing a good job with Wallaceburg. Between there and the Tillsonburg Indoor MX, Canadians can get their ride on early this year.

I got back last Thursday and immediately got back into work mode. I was pretty pumped to hear that Yamaha Motor Canada (a sponsor of mine for 19 years, not counting 2003-2004 with KTM and Honda 2005) had sent my 2012 YZF 450 to Machine Racing. I met up with Kyle Keast and the Machine gang for breakfast on Saturday morning then proceeded to go build my bike for the Sunday SX on CBS and Wallaceburg ride day that Mark Perrin of MPI Sports put together for us crazy race fans. It was great to see some moto faces, watch the SX and bench race, then cut some laps on the really fun indoor track. The only downer was that it took over three hours to get there. Myself, Richard Grey, Kyle Keast and Greg Oldham of Oldham147Films made the trek down together. Being in good company is a big part of any road trip. Just as we started to cut some laps I heard a big panic rev and saw a bike hit the ground hard. It was Kyle Keast. He swapped off this little face and hit hard into the even harder dirt. “I just slid off the face and swapped hard to the ground”, said Keast. “I feel like such a boner, but it could have been way worse. I smashed my ankle and hands pretty good but I will be fine. I still plan to go to the Lethbridge AX in two weeks.” It looked a little scary at first but Keaster went to the hospital and found there was nothing badly hurt except for his pride. This sport can bite you at any moment. Any sport for that matter can be tough on an athlete mentally and physically.

Wallaceburg 2012 010

Kyle Keast had a big get off this past weekend but is okay. He’s just going through the post-crash emotions in this pic.



Chad Reed won this past weekend in LA. Photo courtesy of Rich Shepherd


This brings me to this past weekend in LA for the 3rd round of Monster Energy Supercross. Chad Reed on the 22Motorpsorts machine finally put it all together. He was aggressive, smart and fast and took his first win of the season. Eli Tomac took home the Lites class (which actually airs today at noon on Speed: weird) for his first victory of the year. The points chase is tight in both classes, which makes it even more intense at each gate drop. Yes, it’s still early in the SX class but every point matters. Now I’m sure when you watched the race on Sunday on CBS you saw the horrendous crash with Ryan Morais and Trey Canard. I’ve read that both riders should make a full recovery but that was scary to watch (you can see it HERE). My heart just dropped for Trey Canard and Ryan Morais. Both riders have had so many injuries in their careers; you have to wonder how they bounce back each time and if they will be able to do it once again. As I said above, this sport is tough. We all learned that after we picked motocross as our passion. There will be times when you’re lying in bed with screws, stitches, cuts, bruises, lumps, scars, tears and pain for your body. It’s the inevitable, you can’t hide from it. If you think you can you’re sadly mistaken. You might as well quit now and take up Ballet or just never leave the house. It is the shittiest feeling when you get hurt. You feel like you have let yourself down, your sponsors, basically you’re so disappointed that you just want to be alone and wish you never rode a bike. That feeling goes away but it’s the initial thought that goes through your mind when lying in a hospital bed looking over at your mother who is feeling your pain and wishing she never gave the go ahead to let her special someone race a bike. The worst part of it is that crashing and breaking bones or getting injured never gets better. It’s like Groundhog Day over and over again. Pain hurts and drains you of the beliefs you had before the pain set in. This is also why you are drawn towards sports so much. The fact that you work your butt off, spend all the money, take all the time to be ready, and it can end just like that. It’s that crazy toughness you get when things go wrong and how you bounce back that makes you want it more and more. You just look at the greats that have done it before: Carmichael with his knee in 2004, Doug Henry with his Budd’s Creek crash in 1995, which resulted in a broken back, Ryan Villopoto in 2009 (Knee) and 2010 (Leg), Christophe Pourcel in 2008 (I think), David Bailey in 1987 paralyzed himself and then went on to win the Ironman and ride a bike again. There are so many more but you get my point. Injuries happen, they beat you down and steal your confidence. It’s up to you on how you bounce back and deal with it. Will Trey Canard and Ryan Morais recoup from another big injury? I would have to say yes. They know this is a tough sport but the toughest riders survive.


Eli Tomac finally showed he is the fastest Lites rider, not just with lap times, but by taking his first win of the year.

I spoke with Tyler Medaglia this weekend. In fact I think most of the media has been hunting him down to find out how the two-time MX2 Champ is doing and what he is doing for 2012. “I should have my entire deal done this week,” stated Tyler. “I’m really excited for it. There are just a few details left but this week should be the time you all get to see what is happening with me for 2012. Thanks for being patient.” Yes we have been patient Tyler, (LOL) but on the other hand we are all excited to hear what’s going on.

Okay, that is all for this week’s blog. I know I told Greg Wilhelm I would talk about the cost of racing AMA vs. CMRC Nats because a certain “tub of fun” on the internet mentioned how the Canadian purse has not changed in quite some time. We’ll touch on that next week here on MXP in the Monday Maniac.


Man this is one gnarly sport.