Minnedosa Penalties Will Stand

OFFICIAL TRIBUNAL APPEAL RULING from MCC Competition Council Event : Pro 250 & Pro 450 Class MX Round 3 Minnedosa, Mb, June 15th Protests presented in writing with fee by:
  1. 1)  Derek Schuster, Team Manager GDR Honda
  2. 2)  Jean Sebastien Roy, Team Manager KTM
  3. 3)  Yannick Boucher, #44
  4. 4)  Parker Mashburn (*)

Wednesday June 19, 2019

Appeal of: Penalties applied post-race due to cutting the track for riders Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis, Yannick Boucher & Parker Mashburn (*).

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal held a conference call on Wednesday June 19th to rule on the appeals as indicated above. Protests 1-3 were formally accepted in compliance with the rules. Protest 4 was a similar circumstance to 1 – 3 but was not reviewed as it failed to stipulate the reason and was not accompanied by payment (*).

All protests were submitted as a result of penalties applied to Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis & Yannick Boucher. The results of the race were posted provisionally pending review by race officials. After video review it was decided that Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis & Yannick Boucher had benefited by running off the track at the first right hand corner on the first lap of the 250 & 450 main, respectively .The penalties were accessed by MRC race officials post-race after video review. Each competitor was docked 5 positions according to Rule A7 (2019 MRC Pro Rulebook).

The MCC Competition Council held a conference call on Wednesday June 19, 2019. In the conference call the Tribunal interviewed MRC race officials Paul Kingsley and Daryl Murphy. The Tribunal also reviewed the provided video and digital images of the circumstances in question. As per section B10, the MCC Tribunal used the utmost caution to review all videos in order to make the most accurate conclusions.

Upon review of all of the information presented, the MCC Competition Council Protest Tribunal unanimously determined that the penalties imposed by the MRC officials were in keeping with the infractions committed by the named riders. Dylan Wright, Jess Pettis and Yannick Boucher all benefited from their deviation from the track onto the grass in comparison to the other racers in their proximity. MCC agreed that additional “+ positions gained” penalties were not assessed due to extenuating factors including difficulty determining the exact penalty due to proximity to the start, number of riders involved and the track and weather conditions.

This is the second time this year we have had to rule on A7, therefore we would recommend that any rider in this situation ensure that their off track excursions completely convince race officials that no benefit was gained as a result of their exit and re-entry to the track. We also recommend future efforts to more completely define the track surface without compromising the safety of the competitors.

The MCC Competition Council would like to thank the MRC race officials for their very thorough analysis of the situations leading to the penalties assessed. We would also like to thank the race teams for their very professional and thorough protest form submissions.

The MCC Competition Council would like to remind everyone involved that the concern for safety and fair competition in all circumstances remain the goal of all the national competition tours affiliated with the MCC.