Monday Maniac #4

Monday Maniac #4

By: Ryan Gauld

You have to wonder how bad some shops, dealers, or businesses are struggling because of this dead last winter. We always say that we hate the cold and too much snow makes us angry. We seem to forget that there are many businesses that flourish because of the cold winter months. Every company is finding it tough right now to stay ahead of the game by moving product out the door for winter activities; sleds mostly. This will also affect the lakes all around as well. Last year, Lake Simcoe (where I live) was down a ton of water and we even saw boats struggling just to get out of the marinas. I never realized that not having good winters could affect so many things until you have a winter like we are having across the country right now. I would assume that preparation for such struggles began five years ago when winters started to get shorter and shorter. Hopefully the businesses that are struggling will stay afloat and bounce back this summer. These are some stressful times for some.


The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting any better for snowmobilers anytime soon. This just means lots of quiet days at the local shops.

I ventured out to Warsaw, Ontario this past weekend for the annual “Good Guys” Hockey Tournament put on by KTM Canada’s newest member Danny Brault. It is such a solid day of hockey with some really puck danglers. There were a few industry peeps in addition to myself and Brault like Bryan Hudgin of Yamaha Motor Canada, Adam Millson Off-Road racer and Entertainer, Johnny Silegren – Mechanic to the stars, and a host of good players. This year seemed different than the previous two years. I think having two less teams made the day a little smoother and more enjoyable. Our team didn’t make the finals but the laughs and memories shared in the dressing room will last another 365 days till we all meet again in the small town. Big thanks to Danny for putting the effort into doing the tourney. It’s a lot of work to do it. You never make everyone happy but this year was a great time. Thanks Dogger!!


Danny Brault is a good guy and throws one hell of a good Hockey Tourney. Thanks buds!

The Monster Energy SX series invaded Oakland, California this past weekend for round four of the series. In the big bike class it was James Stewart who finally kept the bike on two wheels and rode off to victory lane. It wasn’t easy for the former reality star, but he rode really well. So now, the big four have won races in the first four events. I guess it’s safe to say that this year is going to be another epic race season; you can’t script this type of story.

The US seems to be slowly clawing their way out of the gutter from the tough economic times. With this type exciting racing and the coverage getting way better on CBS for the fans outside of the sport, the industry is getting a shot of energy right in the place it needs it most. With the US being the biggest in the world for the motocross market, I can only hope that this excitement and close racing only trickles down around the world and allows the entire community to get back where it once was. It’s a shame that in Canada we are always 2-3 years behind the US because we seem to be getting hit with what they had a few years back this year. We will work through it and surge forward, but this year is going to be tough on a lot of people’s pockets. Let’s just hope that every Saturday night, till us Canucks can start riding up north, the racing is non-stop action like this past weekend so our passion for racing keeps growing.


Bobby Kiniry made the SX main in Oakland this weekend. His finish is not what he wanted but he knows he will get better.

Photo by Rich Shepherd

It was great to see Bobby Kiniry in the main event this weekend on a Star/Valley Rockstar Metal Mulisha Yamaha. I called him last night to see what his thoughts were on the race. “I’m really pumped to be out there. I was getting pissed watching the races at home for the first three weeks,” said Kiniry. I will have that interview on MXP later today for all our viewers to check out.


Teddy Maier missed his first main this weekend in the Lites. He will rebound and get a top ten at A2. Any bets?

Photo by Rich Shepherd

Things didn’t go so well for the Lites class riders Kyle Beaton, on his Monster Leading Edge Kawasaki, or Teddy Maier, aboard his Honda. Maier narrowly missed via the last chance and Beaton went down and hit his head, but is okay. Poor Beaton is having a rough go of the SX series this year. Good thing is that he is riding well and staying out of trouble. He has a championship to chase this summer and I know he wants it badly. Plus, his fans want to see him back on the gate in Canada. As for Maier, this is the first main he hasn’t made on the West Coast. He is probably really pissed but he looks to be riding really well right now and will move forward to A2 this weekend.


Kyle Beaton had a rough weekend, hit the ground and his head in the process. I heard from the little fella last night and he seems to be okay and will be ready for A2. He will make his first main. Again, any bets?

Photo by Rich Shepherd

I’m going to start a little rant now. I know that I told some readers that I will dive into the US purse, sign up, insurance, etc. vs the CMRC nats, but I held off on that because my boy Keast got hurt (needed surgery) and will be sidelined till the end of March most likely now. I will get this done this week and you will see that it is pretty much near impossible to compare the two. Yet I know some rubbers up north still think it should be the same but it never will and can’t – simple as that. This rant is for all you deadbeats out there that don’t pay your bills. Now I know that our industry is cool, and so many want to be a part of it. They love talking deals and being part of the scene. Then sometimes, not all the time, when it comes to making good on their deal the phone doesn’t get answered, the credit card # has changed, or whatever excuse they can make gets made. This makes me sick. If you just decided to not pay Rogers, Bell, hydro, water, or your mortgage, etc. what do they do? Well I’m not too sure really but I bet a collections agency would be involved then lawyers if necessary. I sometimes wish it could be handled like my Dad would have handled it back in the day. You just can’t do the old bike chain and visit anymore, that’s just wrong. But it’s okay for deadbeats to make deals then run when it comes time to make payments. There is nothing I or anybody can do for that matter. People can run and hide way too easy nowadays and that’s what bites my ass. Hopefully these deals that I’m referring to get cleaned up and the businesses that are getting screwed right now can continue to do the great job they do. So if you read this and you owe somebody money and they’re hunting you down, sooner or later they, or someone, will catch up. Then you’ll pay!! Karma is a Biatch sometimes


You got to do what you got to do!!

Ami and Jamie’s MX Adventures are really starting to gain some steam. James Stewart’s a fan. I guess the cops are as well. LOL Their next video should hit YouTube this week. Their first video had over 30,000 hits in a week. Pretty crazy really.