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ORION MOTO Canada Unleashes The Future Of Riding With eSeries Electric Balance Bikes

VANCOUVER, MARCH 8, 2024 – ORION MOTO Canada, an extension of the flourishing ORION USA brand, is set to redefine the riding experience with the launch of their revolutionary eSeries electric balance bikes. Building on the success of the recent eSeries release in the United States, the Canadian division is primed to introduce these state-of-the-art bikes, setting a new industry standard for performance, quality, and safety.

What Sets the ORION eSeries Apart: The ORION eSeries electric balance bikes boast cutting-edge technology, featuring a superior battery and motor combination that not only delivers higher top speed but also extends ride times for an unparalleled riding experience. Meticulously engineered, the bikes strike a balance between precision and simplicity, making maintenance, repairs, and upgrades a seamless process.

Safety is at the forefront, with headlights, taillights, Shimano brakes, and four different speed modes ensuring a secure riding environment. Mac Roy, Director of Branding at ORION MOTO Canada, confidently asserts, “We put these bikes up against any in the market and expect a victory in every category. Usually, when you make a product this feature-rich, you have to charge at a premium to the consumer. We’re super happy that we’re able to deliver the highest quality product on the market while also offering an ultra-competitive price tag.”

Where and When to Get Yours: Excitement is mounting as the ORION eSeries is set to ship out to dealers across Canada midMarch 2024. Dealers eager to provide their customers with the latest in electric balance bike technology can secure their inventory and join the ORION MOTO Canada movement.

Why ORION eSeries Matters– Doug Saunders, the owner of ORION Moto Canada and a father of three, explains the driving force behind the eSeries release, “I’ve seen firsthand with my kids the acceleration of development balance bikes provide. Watching my 3-year-old crank on the throttle and seeing the rush of joy and excitement on their face, and seeing them progress so quickly, every kid should have that, whether you’re getting into moto or just want to rip around with friends.”

With a personal connection to the motocross scene through his three motocross enthusiast children, Saunders brings a genuine passion for providing a transformative riding experience for all children.

Family Roots and Familiar Faces

In a strategic move to bolster its motocross roots, ORION MOTO Canada proudly announces its collaboration with Ryan “Newf” Lockhart, a prominent figure in Canadian Motocross. Newf, with a storied career that spans over 12 years racing Canadian nationals and achieving a remarkable 3rd place at the Toronto round of World Supercross in 2004, brings an unparalleled depth of experience to the ORION MOTO Canada team.

As the General Manager of the Fox Canada GDR Honda race team and their riders, Newf is a fixture in the Canadian motocross scene. “His reputation as a sales manager in the Moto industry for the last decade solidifies his standing as a respected figure in the community.” (Watch for our Electric Balance Bike line to be featured at the GDR Honda Rig and Gopher Dunes pro-shop this upcoming season!)

“We fell in love with electric balance bikes from the first ride; they really took the market by storm. They were fun at first, but we got frustrated with the inconsistency and unreliability. Weak batteries and dead motors are not something you want to be dealing with. After extensive research, we had an ORION shipped up from the states, and the performance was exactly what we were looking for. We’re going on a year-and-a-half with those bikes, and they’re still going strong. That’s when I realized we need to get these to the Canadian Market ASAP. We’re very excited about the launch of the eSeries,” expressed Newf.

With Newf’s endorsement and his firsthand experience with the reliability and performance of ORION electric balance bikes, ORION MOTO Canada is poised to make a significant impact on the Canadian market. The collaboration underscores the commitment to providing a transformative riding experience for all children, aligning with the genuine passion shared by anyone who has ever ridden an ORION.

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