The 2021 Thistle VORF Is Being Postponed

Hi everyone, have some big news to share regarding the 2021 or as we call it, the Covid edition Thistle VORF.

As of today, the event is officially cancelled due to mother nature. After last Thursdays severe storm and tornado in Barrie, the region is literally flooded.

All major lakes in the immediate area are experiencing extreme high water levels which shows just how much rain fell. Lake Muskoka is 16″ higher than normal, Lake Simcoe is 14″ higher and Lake Dalrymple is a whopping 19″. Lake Dalrymple is about 15 minutes south of the track.

All of our infrastructure and work has literally been washed away which is repairable, but the damage to the parking area and road system is simply too much to repair, especially since they had another major downpour today. ( and apparently another tornado in the Parry Sound area.)

We are going to be hosting another event there this fall and another in the spring. Dates will be posted once we find a date that doesn’t conflict with any Off Road Ontario events or the Corduroy Enduro.

To all those people who pre entered, I am going to contact you one by one and start the refund process. May take me several days but you will get your refund. Please let me contact you.

The raffle bike draw is still a go and some lucky person will win this totally rebuilt 1981 YZ250. The draw is going to take place on the same date and time ( Saturday Aug 7 at 8.00 pm ) and we ask for your continued support of this worthwhile cause. ( net proceeds going to the Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf )

We are planning on doing this live on The Thistle’s FB page commencing at 8.00pm with the winner being posted online.

I thank you all for your support and if God’s willing, I look forward to starting this process over again in the New Year for the 2022 Thistle Vorf.

The venue will be the same as this year but with a full year more development, so a good thing will be better. This truly is a special place for this type of event.

The 2022 Thistle VORF is being held AUGUST 12, 13 & 14th 2022.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and be kind, we’ll be back.


John Lake


The Thistle vorf