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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

The 2024 Daytona SX was another great race!

MXP: Hey Newf! Let’s start with talking about the Daytona SX. What were your thoughts on the race, and what is your best Daytona Supercross memory?

RL: Just like every other race this year, Daytona was great. It’s a bummer that the rain came in and made it so soft and rutty, as the racing would have been much closer, but regardless, the Daytona SX is awesome. That track was incredibly challenging! My most memorable Daytona SX experience comes from 2006 when I pulled the holeshot in my heat race against some really fast riders. It didn’t last long, but what was crazy was that Chad Reed ran into the back of me when the track went across the start, and I dragged his bike for 30-40 feet. Talk about going from hero to zero really quickly.

Newf feels the this could now be Jett Lawrence’s SX Championship to lose!

MXP: We all watched Jett Lawrence dominate the 450 main event. Is it safe to say that this is now Jett Lawrence’s championship to lose?

RL: I don’t want to say it, but I think it could be. Jett has a 10-point lead right now; he’s been the fastest rider overall, and his starts are consistent. When you factor all of that in, he will be hard to beat down the stretch. I still think we will see Tomac, Webb, and Sexton win some more races, but Jett is just too good. Although it does sound like there will be another mud race this weekend in Birmingham, that always throws a curve ball.

Newf is now part of Orion Moto Canada! You can see all of their products at www.rideorion.ca.

MXP: You’re a busy guy who wears a few different hats. What is the next project that you’re taking on?

RL: It seems like these days you have to grind in order to keep your head above water. First and foremost, Matrix Concepts Canada and Atlas Brace are my main focus, and we’re going on 12 years together. GDR Honda, CMXU Podcast, and Future West are things that I put work into in my spare time. However, I’m excited to announce that Orion Moto Canada is the newest company I will be helping out with. This is an exciting one for me as both of my kids have Orion’s, and I really believe in the product, so it only makes sense to partner with them and grow the brand in Canada.

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