2021 Thor WMX Series Stats

By Jackie Riess

Photos by James Lissimore

Let’s take a look back at the 2021 Thor WMX Series with a few stats from the top 5 overall and the series as a whole.

The top 5 overall in the 2021 Thor WMX Series included:

  1. Eve Brodeur (EB1) – 250 points
  2. Sarah-Kim Villeneuve (SKV241) – 220 points
  3. Malia Garant (MG4) – 192 points
  4. Ani Ferguson (AF3) – 170 points
  5. Brook Greenlaw (BG7) – 136 points

Of the top 5 over the course of the series, 74 of 77 laps were led by Eve Brodeur. The remaining 3 laps of the series were led by Sarah-Kim Villeneuve. 

EB1 had the fastest lap time in 9 of the 10 motos, and SKV241 claimed the fastest lap time in the 10th.

The overall podiums at each round were dominated by KTM, claiming 14 of the 15 positions. Ani Ferguson put her Husqvarna on the box at Gopher Dunes to claim the final podium position.

This is where things get interesting. Of the top 5, Malia Garant made the most passes, with a significant gap over Brook Greenlaw’s overall passes.

MG4: 52 passes

BG7: 42 passes

AF3: 29 passes

EB1: 4 passes

SKV241: 2 passes

For the series as a whole, there were 139 entries over 5 rounds with an average of 27.8 entries per round. 

Of those 139 entries, Yamaha was the most popular manufacturer with KTM in second and Kawasaki in third.

Yamaha: 44 entries

KTM: 32 entries

Kawasaki: 25 entries

Husqvarna: 17 entries

Honda: 16 entries

Suzuki: 5 entries

GasGas: 0 entries

Overall, it was a dominant year by the three KTM riders of Eve Brodeur, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve, and Malia Garant.