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Fox Racing Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Dylan Wright

On Wednesday, Dylan Wright had another solid day racing the MXGP of Pietramurata. After two challenging motos, Dylan ended up going 12-17 for 15th overall in the MXGP class. With one more round at the same track, this coming Sunday Dylan is looking for his first top ten moto finish before the series moves south to Mantova for the final two rounds. We sent some questions over to Dylan and he was gracious enough to get them done.

MXP: You had another result on Wednesday. Are you happy with how things are going?

DW: Yeah like you said, it was another good day at the races yesterday. I was really happy with my speed and the improvements I have been making with my racecraft as well as with the bike. I am feeling more and more comfortable every time I hit the track. The second moto result should have been a lot better as I was in a way better position prior to coming together with a lapper and having my rear brake bent so bad I couldn’t use it for the rest of the moto. But other than that I have been coming through the pack and charging close to the top ten. I feel like with a start I will be able to hang with the top ten.

Photos by Niklas Hampinen

What bike changes from Sunday?

I actually went in a whole other direction with the bike. I actually made 4-5 fork height changes throughout the day to get the balance of the bike where I need it on this track. I feel like I’m going in the right direction which is always a good feeling. I have also been making some high-speed compression changes and rebound changes to adjust to the track set up on race day. There’s been a lot of changes, but the one good thing is I am able to adjust very quickly to a change even if it’s between motos. I made a change last weekend between motos.

You appear to be one good start away from a great finish. Does it feel that way to you?

Yes, I believe I am. To help me with that, I need a little bit better qualifying time to get a little closer to the inside. It’s tough because these boys are not afraid to let it all hang out for a lap. For me, the last 3-4 years I’ve trained myself to not let that happen as it has led to mistakes in the past. So for me, that is taking some adjustment. I will get there though, just need about half a second in qualifying to have the gate pick I need. That should be very easily achievable. My lap times have been the same as the top ten and in the late stages of the motos I’m catching up to them. I just need to start up there, because I know if I do I can stay there! My race pace hasn’t been the problem, just need to put myself in that position.

You mentioned that you’re staying at an apartment. What is it like and how far from the track is it?

Yes, I have been staying in an apartment about 25 minutes from the track. It’s an awesome place, I’m able to cook my own food and have a good spot to hang out between races. The bonus is that this town is amazing and my walk to the lake is only 2 minutes. and about a 5-minute walk to some amazing restaurants. I have also been really enjoying hiking in the mountains! The apartment is fully renovated to new, I have a nice balcony and even my own laundry, which if you have raced overseas is always a bonus!

How do you get around in between races. Does the team drive you around?

Between races, honestly, I am so close to everything in town that I just walk. I have definitely put some miles on the Nikes this week! On my days off I have been averaging about 15km of walking or more (laughs). To get to the track, our truck driver comes to pick us all up in the team sprinter in the morning to head to the track. and he also brings us back at the end of the day! He’s a great guy!

Have you been eating well? What are some of the favourite meals you’ve had?

The food here is unreal! I have had some pizza after the races which has been unreal. But the one meal that stands out is the BBQ I had with the 114 crew (my team) along with the guys from HRC after the race on Wednesday. It was a little taste of home and boy it was good. Thanks Sancho! The cool thing here, is every day before the race, at the HRC hospitality trailer, they have lunch and dinner for us. My team as well as HRC Team all eat together. It’s been really good to meet everyone and do some bench racing. It’s cool because Tim Gaiser is there also so I’ve been able to talk to him about the racing and stuff. We also have dinner after the races in there as well. It’s been great because I don’t have to worry about cooking or what restaurant to eat at, they supply it all for us.

One more race to go at this track. Are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, I am really looking forward to it. The more I ride this track the more comfortable I get. So more track time should be even better. That and I am getting more comfortable with the aggression over here as well as more comfortable with the other racers. I think with this next race on Sunday, I will get where I need to be. I’m going to do a day of testing again before the race and practice some starts on the grate. It should be a good day in the office. Either way, you know I’ll be having a good time!


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