Fox Racing Canada Presents Style Check With Palms: Four Days And Counting!

With the opening round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series just days away, all eyes will soon be on NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. This is a massive change in venues for Round 1 as Angel Stadium in Anaheim has been hosting the opening round of SX since 1999. However, with the Covid-19 restrictions that California is currently under, it just didn’t make sense to hold a race this year in the Golden State. I hate change, so seeing the series not begin in Anaheim is troublesome. But when you consider the challenging times that we’re all living in right now, I don’t care where the series begins as long as it begins. Once the gate drops this coming Saturday, no one is going to care if the stars of SX are racing in California, Texas, or Timbuktu. At this point, we all just want to see some racing.



1. Eli Tomac
2. Cooper Webb
9. Adam Cianciarulo
10. Justin Brayton
11. Kyle Chisholm
14. Dylan Ferrandis
15. Dean Wilson
16. Zach Osborne
17. Joey Savatgy
19. Justin Bogle
21. Jason Anderson
23. Chase Sexton
27. Malcolm Stewart
28. Brandon Hartranft
34. Max Anstie
36. Martin Davalos
37. Benny Bloss
43. Fredrik Noren
51. Justin Barcia
57. Justin Rodbell
81. Justin Starling
83. Alex Ray
94. Ken Roczen
121. Chris Howell
184. Scott Champion
280. Cade Clason
282. Theodore Pauli
309. Jeremy Smith
330. AJ Catanzaro
421. Vann Martin
501. Scotty Wennerstrom
509. Alex Nagy
597. Mason Kerr
606. Ronnie Stewart
637. Bobby Piazza
722. Adam Enticknap
795. Aaron Leininger
805. Carlen Gardner
824. Carter Stephenson
848. Joan Cros
952. Ludovic Macler
974. Brian Marty
976. Josh Greco
981. Austin Politelli


6. Jeremy Martin
18. Jett Lawrence
24. RJ Hampshire
29. Christian Craig
30. Jo Shimoda
32. Justin Cooper
38. Austin Forkner
42. Michael Mosiman
49. Mitchell Oldenburg
50. Enzo Lopes
55. John Short
59. Jarrett Frye
64. Colt Nichols
66. Jordan Bailey
85. Kevin Moranz
87. Curren Thurman
88. Logan Karnow
95. Josh Osby
99. Hunter Sayles
115. Max Vohland
116. TJ Albright
122. Jeremy Hand
124. Lane Shaw
125. Luke Neese
134. Jess Pettis
151. Carter Gordon
160. Vincent Murphy
162. Max Sanford
170. Devin Simonson
181. Wyatt Lyonsmith
185. Wilson Fleming
193. Hunter Schlosser
241. Josh Varize
260. Dylan Woodcock
364. Chad Saultz
384. Lorenzo Camporese
512. Austin Cozadd
551. Guillaume St-Cyr
604. Max Miller
625. Jonah Geistler
693. Rene Garcia
773. Thomas Do
914. Geran Stapleton

So as we’ve seen, the 2021 SX schedule is a little different than in years past. Not only is the series not visiting California at all, but it’s using the same template as it did back in May in Salt Lake City, multiple rounds in the same city. For the opening races of 2021, the SX Series will race on Saturday’s, Tuesday’s, and again on the following Saturday before moving on to a new city. Each track will be different and unlike SLC when the riders and teams had to remain in the area in between races, this year everyone is free to travel home and then fly back for the next race. This could prove risky though and here’s why.

Covid-19 testing will once again be a big part of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series.

According to the new rules, everyone involved with the event will need to get a Covid test every 7 days. At $75 per test, it’s not going to be a cheap endeavour for most riders and teams, and that’s just the cost. If anyone receives a negative then they’re out for that event and will have to get retested two days later. This could prove costly for the riders as just one negative test could put them out of the points race for the season. It’s actually a tough deal for the riders as the rules are different for the individuals who have had Covid-19 over the past few months. According to my sources there several top riders who have already had Covid-19 and for the 2021 SX Series, those riders are exempt from having to get tested for three months. Because of this, I would expect all of the top riders who haven’t had the virus to be super vigilant with their lifestyle and travel plans.

The riders and teams will begin to arrive in Houston tomorrow as Covid-19 testing starts at the stadium. From there, I’m sure everyone will be laying low until practice begins early on Saturday. For us at home, if you purchase the International Video Pass then you can watch practice and qualifying at each of the rounds. Here is the link if you haven’t purchased it yet:  So sit back and get ready to watch some SX this weekend. This series will be very interesting to watch as there are not only several top riders who can win at any given time but with the above-mentioned rules and restrictions, things could change at any moment.