Fox Racing Presents MXP Chatter: Five Questions With Dylan Wright

If you closed your eyes and thought of the perfect way to begin a career in a brand new class, you’d probably think about Dylan Wright and his weekend at the opening round of the 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MXTour Series. This was Wright’s first adventure in the 450 class and with three dominating moto wins at Gopher Dunes two weeks ago, we’d say that he most certainly got off to a great start. However, that was Round 1 and now with the second round coming up in two days, Wright has turned the page and is now thinking about the challenging track at Walton Raceway. We caught up with the 450MX points leader last night to ask him five important questions.

MXP: Hey Dylan, what have you been up to since your great weekend at Gopher Dunes?

DW: Just riding and training and doing my normal thing. We did some testing last week and this past week I drove to Sand Del Lee and did some riding there. Other than that, I’ve just been waiting for Round 2. We obviously had a great opening round, but it’s only one race and we still have a long way to go.

Dylan Wright made the rough Gopher Dunes track look somewhat easy by winning all three 450MX motos. Photo by James Lissimore

I don’t think you’re first 450 race could’ve gone any better, three motos and three wins. The final moto on Sunday was close as Nicoletti kept you close for 25 minutes. Was the opening round as routine as it appeared?

No definitely not! We did our homework coming into Round 1 and I think I had a great bike set-up all weekend long. In the opening moto on Saturday, the track was smooth and fast, so everyone was riding well. I was able to get out front early and ride my own race. The biggest concern for us in that moto was our fuel consumption. With a smooth track the overall RPM’s were higher and by the end of the moto we didn’t have much fuel remaining. For Moto 2, we made some adjustments and it was better. In that moto, I got by Phil quickly and tried to hit my lines. In the final moto, the track was really rough and it was also really hot by then. That moto was difficult as Phil kept me close and I had to really push for almost the entire race. Also, with so little time between the end of Moto 2 and the beginning of Moto 3, it was tough to recover fully. All I had time for was a quick shower and a snack, and then it was time to get dressed and head to the line for the final moto. I don’t know how the mechanics have time to get the bikes ready so quickly!

Dylan has Justin Petker spinning the wrenches on his Honda in 2020 and he couldn’t be in better hands. Photo by James Lissimore

Well, that brings me to my next question. I was joking in between motos with your mechanic Justin Petker that maybe was he secret to your success, and since he was Colton mechanic for years, his success as well. Maybe it’s all Justin! (laughs)

It could be, he’s that good! Justin is great and he works very hard during the week and obviously on race day. He extremely thorough with everything and as a rider you just know that your bike is 100% ready to go. I think we make a good team as he’s a little older and calmer, while I’m younger and full of energy. I hope I can bring him another 450 title this summer because he’s definitely used to winning them. We had a good time at the opening round, and I hope we can keep it going.

After letting the success from the opening round sink in, Dylan quickly refocused his efforts to Round 2 at Walton Raceway. Photo by James Lissimore

Looking ahead to Round 2 this weekend, different type of track, your team is back in the truck, there are numerous things that will be different this weekend at Walton. Can you produce the same results?

I hope so! That’s the goal heading into every race for all of the riders. I know this sounds like the standard answer, but honestly, we’re taking everything one moto at a time. We had a great first round and we got off to a perfect start to the series, but that was just one race and now we have to focus on Round 2. Everyone will come in better prepared and to do what we did at Gopher is going to be difficult. But we’re definitely going to try. I’ve always liked the Walton track and over the years I’ve had some success there. So, I’m pretty excited to go there and race two weekends in a row. I love the deep ruts and how challenging that track is.

The last time Dylan was at Walton Raceway he took home his first ever National Championship. We think it’s safe to say that he’s looking forward to heading back there this weekend. Photo by James Lissimore

This is an easy interview as you keep leading me into my next question. To me, Walton Raceway is a challenging track mentally as you really have to work hard to stay smooth, relaxed and not make mistakes. Obviously, that is the formula for success at every track, but at Walton it’s even more important. What do you need to do to be successful over the next two weekends?

I do agree with you, the Walton track is difficult as the deep ruts make it easy to make mistakes. Over the years I have learned to relax more and let the track come to me. You can’t rush things on that track and to me it’s the difficulty level that makes it so much fun. For this weekend, I think it begins with qualifying well on Saturday morning as a good gate pick is very important. You need a good start at Walton as sometimes the track can be one lined and the roost hurts like hell, so you want to be out front. From there, I just need to ride smart and see where I’m at after 35 minutes. I’m confident in my speed, my fitness, and my bike so I need to just remain calm and ride the track. We’re all going fast and we all want to win motos, at the end of the day the most consistent rider is the one who’s going to win this title. It should be fun; I always look forward to going to Walton!

Okay, that’s five questions. Thanks for your time Dylan and we’ll see you at Walton.

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