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Fox Racing Presents Style Check: Our Kids Are Good

Right now in the 250MX class, there are a host of fast young rookie riders who have been very impressive this summer. Names like Piccolo, McNabb, McKie, and even Julien Benek are not only the future of our sport, but they’ve all been having a few solid races in the 2020 Triple Crown MXTour Series. It’s been fun to watch these young and talented riders since the series began in July as they each bring something very different to the track. Piccolo brings a plethora of speed and style to the 250MX class. So far in 2020 when he hasn’t been on the ground, he’s been upfront and making life miserable for the series veteran riders. More on Piccolo in a minute, but so far he’s been very impressive and I don’t think a Top 3 overall finish this weekend is out of the question.

Ryder McNabb is a hard working and hard charging rider who will definitely challenge for the 250MX title in the next few years. Photo by James Lissimore

Ryder McNabb has also been extremely fast this summer, and while his pure speed isn’t quite that of say Piccolo, his determination is out of this world. Whether he gets a good start or a bad start, McNabb is always in full-charge mode. At times he doesn’t appear to care which way his Honda is pointed or who he’s battling with, he’s just thinking about moving forward. This hard-charging style is a great skill to have, especially at McNabb’s young age. However like everything, it does have a downside and McNabb’s is that at times he does get ahead of himself, and when he’s coming through the pack and charging hard it can be extremely hard on his machine. But like I said, McNabb is still very young and over the next couple of years he’ll figure out how to improve upon these mistakes and without a doubt, he’s going to be 250MX class championship contender in the next couple of years. You can teach a rider how to be smoother and easier on their bikes, but it’s very difficult to teach them how to charge as McNabb does. That attribute usually comes from within!

Jeremy McKie has been having a consistent rookie season in 250MX class and currently sits 7th overall in the point standings. Photo by James Lissimore

Quebec rider Jeremy McKie is somewhere in the middle of Piccolo and McNabb. He doesn’t always show the blazing speed of Piccolo and he’s not the hard, wide open charger that McNabb is. However, McKie is very steady (especially for a rookie), extremely fit, and as we get ready for the final round this weekend in Sand Del Lee, McKie sits 7th overall in the 250MX points, just in front of McNabb and Piccolo. McKie’s best finish is 5th overall at Round 3 and in the other rounds, he’s been more consistent than his rookie counterparts. McKie is also tough as nails as he raced the opening round at Gopher Dunes with a very bad shoulder injury. Finally, of these three riders, McKie appears to be the one who could adapt to a 450 the best. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move to the bigger bike in the next couple of years as he proved last year that he can ride a 450 very well.

So far in 2020, Jacob Piccolo has shown the most raw speed and talent of the three rookie riders. At Round 4, he finally got the results he’s been looking for. Photo by James Lissimore

With three motos to go which one of these young riders is going to make the biggest case for Rookie of the Year honours in 2020? So far all of these teenage sensations are deserving and it’s been fun to watch them evolve throughout this MXTour Series. And as I said, I love the different skill sets that each of these riders brings to the track. I’d admire McKie’s strength and consistency, I love McNabb’s race craft and determination, and I’m in constant awe of how Piccolo rides a motorcycle as his natural technique is superior to any other rider in the 250 class. But I will also state that as much as these three riders are different on the track, off of the track they are all great to talk to and they share the same respect for their competition and media guys like me. With a few of our top riders getting older, and with Jess Pettis planning on moving to the 450MX class in 2021, the 250MX class is going to need riders like these three young stars to step up and challenge for championships. With what we’ve seen so far from them, I think the future is very bright for the 250MX class and Canadian motocross.


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