FXR Racing Presents Racing With Clason- Finding Stride In Riverglade

It’s about dang time. Yes, some people had some bad luck but this was the first real weekend where I felt like I earned my 5th and was closer to the speed of the front four guys. A bad start killed my second moto because my pace was great, but I had to make so many passes and didn’t get to 5th till after at least 20 minutes. It just gives me more to work on this week.

I know I said it last weekend but I love the track owners’ workers in Moncton. Larry, Lee, and Earl all try so hard to have an amazing race weekend. Not only for the pros but even amateur day. For three days straight you never see them not working their tails off to either make the track better or help someone with something. The track was much improved this year, in my opinion, as well. Not that it was bad before but the mulch they added helps the dirt stay moist much longer. The only thing that hurts them I think is that they add it all in the days just before the race. If they added it a month ahead it would be much more mixed in and would work twice as good, but good job boys, you got an “A” from me.

This week we head to Quebec. I am spending the week in Canada because traveling to and from Moncton is so hard, and riding in Quebec is always so good. I don’t mind it at all. I know it sounds dumb but the less I have to fly to the races the better for me. Don’t get me wrong, it is super convenient and fun, but it just takes so much energy out of you that a lot of times I prefer to drive. Plus, when you’re from the U.S. you have to get a taste of the French-Canadian culture. I mean, have you ever been to Canada when you haven’t been yelled at by someone in French and had no idea what they were saying? It’s actually a bummer to me because I have always thought French was a cool language but I never  had a high enough IQ to learn it.

As far as riding this week, it will be about getting in some good, fast laps and starts. Doing 30’s this time of year is doing nothing for you because you usually aren’t recovered fully from the weekend, and then you won’t be recovered for the next weekend. I just need to figure out my starts. I am tired of having to pass everyone. The good guys always start up front and I need to be up there.

The Deschambault track is another one of my favorites on tour. It is so long with a lot of fun sections, and it almost has a GP-style flow to it. I think everyone can agree we hate doing the big gap jump for 35 minutes but I just look at it as a big gulp of fresh air. It probably has the least favourite start behind SDL, being it is so fast with jumps, but you have to make the best of it because the first four turns can make or break your race since Turn 2 and 3 are so tight. The fans here are second to none, though. They are so loud, and it usually doesn’t matter who you are, they are cheering for you. That’s it for this week, see you on Saturday.