Honda Canada Racing Presents Behind The Scenes: 2020 St. Louis Supercross


For years there has always been something very cool about the St. Louis Supercross. The dirt is some of the best of the series, the Midwest fans love the sport of SX and always come out in droves to support the race, and the large indoor paddock allow riders, teams and fans to enjoy this race regardless of what it’s like outside. Moving this race up in the 2020 Monster Energy SX schedule to January seemed like a questionable move, given how far St. Louis is from California and the uncertainty of the weather. However, despite all of the things that this race was up against, it ended up being as exciting as it always has. Not only was the track and soil in great condition, but the faithful St. Louis fans got to see Ken Roczen win his first race since his big crash exactly three years ago. For a look at what happened off of the track, here is a collection of James Lissimore photos for this week’s Behind the Scenes.