Husqvarna Canada Presents Race Report From Minnedosa

It’s really too bad that Mother Nature spoiled what could’ve been one of the best tracks of the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MXTour Series. Even though it had been hot and dry in the days leading up to Round 3 at McNabb Valley MX track, when everyone arrived there this morning it was 6 degrees and raining. As I said above, it was a real shame as the entire facility looked incredible and you could tell that the McNabb family had put in a ton of work. The grass was perfectly cut everywhere, the jumps were built up, and the rest of the track was groomed and ready for our top riders.

Phil Nicoletti shows that the track wasn’t too bad during the opening 450 practice. Photo by James Lissimore

For the opening set of practices the track remained in pretty decent condition as it had only been raining for a few hours. However, as soon as the first set of practices were completed, the rain began to fall harder and only a handful of riders even went out for their second session. So with rain driving down and the temperatures very cold, the stage was set for the opening 250 moto.

With the entire length of the starting line a complete mess with mud over a foot deep, the 250 riders blasted off the gate heading toward the first turn. Up front early was Luke Renzland and Josh Osby who traded the lead a few times in the opening lap. When Osby made a mistake and went down, Renzland had the lead all to himself after just three difficult laps. Dylan Wright, who started in fourth, had to throw his goggles away on the opening lap when his roll-off pull string broke. So with a face full of mud and 20 minutes plus two laps ahead of him, Wright put his head down (he kind of had to) and charged towards the leader. Within just a few laps Wright had closed the gap and moments later he took the lead from Renzland. From there, Wright rode smooth (I use that term loosely as the conditions were awful) and ran away with his second moto in a row. As it would turn out, this would be the only moto the 250 class ran so your overall winner at Round 3 was Dylan Wright, his first of the series.

Dylan Wright won the first and only 250 moto at Round 3. Photo by James Lissimore

With the rain falling even harder and the temperatures feeling even colder (as if that was possible) the gate dropped for the opening 450 moto. Cole Thompson grabbed the holeshot and by the end of Lap 1, he was already a few seconds ahead of the pack. Matt Goerke, who was racing with a broken finger he suffered last weekend in Prince George was in second and looking very comfortable. When Thompson fell over at the end of the opening lap, Goerke and his Kawasaki pounced like a green cat and took the lead. From there, he simply stayed out of trouble and took the race win. Behind Goerke, class red plate holder Colton Facciotti started in fourth but quickly took advantage of other riders mistakes and within a few laps he found himself in second. At one point Facciotti was catching Goerke, but after a few close calls, the points leader decided that a second place finish would be very good. Especially with his closet rivals Nicholetti and Thompson well behind him. Goerke would win his first race of the series, Facciotti rode smart to finish second, and Dakota Alix soldiered through the challenging conditions to finish in third. Within moments of the 450 moto coming to an end, Head Referee had seen enough and decided to cancelled all of the second motos. With very little equipment to repair the track, and some riders scrambling to even get their machines ready to race again, Kingsley made the proper call in my opinion.

Even with a broken finger, Matt Goerke was able to stay out of trouble and win the 450 class in Minnedosa. Photo by James Lissimore

With a three week break now until Round 4 at Gopher Dunes, the riders and the teams have a chance to dry out and get ready for the toughest track on the MXTour schedule. Both Dylan Wright and Colton Facciotti will take the red plates into their GDR team’s home race next month. With warmer temperatures and rougher tracks ahead, the final five rounds of this series should be very entertaining to watch. So enjoy the break and we’ll see you at Gopher Dunes on July 13th.