Jess Pettis Injury Update

In what was a very sad incident two weeks ago at the Montreal SX, KTM Canada rider Jess Pettis crashed in Turn 1 during the second 250 main event and suffered a very serious knee injury. After flying back to his Prince George, BC home the following day, Pettis saw his doctor for an assessment. After an MRI, it was determined that he had completely torn his ACL in his left knee and that most likely surgery would be required.

At that point Jess reached out to his friend Dean Wilson for some advice regarding what his options might be. As you may know Deano has had multiple knee reconstructions so he knows this type of injury quite well. After talking to Dean, his boss JSR, and his doctors, Jess decided that surgery would be his best course of action and in his mind the sooner he could get it done the better.

Well, Jess got the good news he was looking for as he will undergo surgery either this week in Prince George or early next week in Montreal. Once that is complete and his knee is repaired, he will most certainly begin rehab as soon as possible. From talking to athletes who have recently suffered the same type of injury, it appears to take about 4-5 months to fully recover and return to the track. Good luck Jess and thanks for the updates.