KTM Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Trystan Hart

When Trystan Hart looks back at his 2021 summer we think it will most certainly put a big smile on his face. Not only has been travelling the Globe racing his dirt bike, but along the way, he’s enjoyed some pretty amazing results. First, there was his impressive 7th overall at the 2021 Red Bull Romaniac’s event in Romania. Then Trystan flew to the USA where he wrapped up the Hard Enduro Series Title. After that, it was time to return home to compete in the Red Bull Outliers event in the Badlands of Alberta. In what was a perfect ending to his successful summer Hart dominated the Outliers race last Saturday and we caught up with him moments after his big win.

MXP: Hey Trystan, it’s great to finally catch up with you. I know even in the motocross world we’ve all been following your recent success both in North America as well as on the world stage. Before we talk about your race today, can you talk a little about your incredible summer?

TH: For sure! Obviously, I’m pretty happy with how things have gone this summer. The Red Bull Romaniac’s went well and I was able to finish up with a 7th overall. That was my first time going to this event so it was a big learning experience. It was tough for sure, multiple five-hour days of challenging riding so it was a lot to take in for my first year. There were some marked trails but most of the course was GPS-based so you really had to stay focused and make sure you got the turns right as there were sometimes multiple options. Also, it was a little faster than I expected so I had to adapt to that. I was a little disappointed because I had set myself up really well after Day 2 but I made one navigation error and it dropped me back.

Trystan Hart has had a great summer competing on the world stage.

After listening to you explain your week in Romania it sounds like your overall finish was even better than it looks on paper?

Thanks! As I said, some of the issues I had were just because it was first going there. For instance, on the final day, I completed this really tough climb while others opted out and took the chicken line. I thought my line was mandatory but as it turned out it was optional. That alone cost me over three minutes so it was just situations like that. But all in all, it was a good week!

Is the Red Bull Romaniac’s an event you’d like to go back to in the future?

Oh yes! We’ll go back next year and try and finish much better.

Trystan made the challenging terrain of the Alberta Badlands look somewhat easy. Photo by Mason Mashon

How old are you now?

Right now I’m 24 so I’m getting up there in age now. (laughs)

I’d love to be 24 again. So you were in Romania a few weeks ago and then just recently you were down south competing in the USA?

Yes, right after Romania I flew to the USA to compete in the final round of the Extreme Hard Enduro Series and I ended winning the championship, which was really cool. And then last weekend I was competing against the best riders in the world at the Red Bull TKO event and I finished up in third overall.

Wow! What a great summer for you and your team. How does an event like the Romaniac’s compare to the conditions you rode today here at the Red Bull Outliers. Was today really challenging, because to me it appeared like at times you were just out for a Sunday ride?

Today was pretty mellow compared to some of the sections I had to ride this summer. I mean, there were some challenging climbs today for sure, but overall it was a pretty relaxed day.

Hart capped off his incredible summer with a win last weekend at the Red Bull Outliers event. Photo by Mason Mashon

I guess with the way the format worked today that amateur riders had to attempt all of the sections the pro riders did so it couldn’t be too extreme. Do you think next year the course will be even more challenging?

This sport has evolved so much in the past few years and as riders, we’ve shown that we’re capable of riding some pretty crazy sections. Today they had it so the really tough sections weren’t opened up until late in the race. Normally we would be doing those sections each lap. So next year I think they maybe make it so the pro riders have to ride those really challenging sections right from the start and the amateur riders don’t have to. Overall though, today was a lot of fun and it felt good to race back on Canadian soil.

Well, you were fun to watch today as you made even the toughest sections look relatively easy. So we’re almost to September now, what is next for you as we get into the fall of 2021?

Next up is the Endurocross Series in the USA which begins in about four weeks so I have to begin preparing for that. This year the series isn’t just in one place so we’ll be travelling to different cities and racing back in Arenas and Stadiums. I’m really looking forward to competing in this series and racing back in front of some fans.

Well, we’ll most certainly keep an eye out for you in that series next month. One final question Trystan. I come from the motocross world where a national moto is 35 minutes and riders have to complete two at any given round. You just spent over four hours riding a dirt bike on some crazy-looking terrain, how are you feeling right now and what do you do to recover from an event like this?

I’m feeling pretty good right now as today wasn’t too hard on the body. An event like the Romaniac’s when you spend five hours a day on the bike and the race takes five days to complete, that is really hard on the body. I don’t know, you just try and eat and rehydrate and get some rest and try and be ready to go the next day.

Sounds good! Listen, I’ve been hearing a lot about you so it was great to finally meet you. Congratulations on today’s win and best of luck this fall in the Endurocross Series.

Thank you and hopefully, you can make it out to another event soon.