KTM Presents MXP Chatter With Travis Gibbs

Travis Gibbs is a fast, young rider from British Columbia who loves to ride anything that has two wheels. Like a lot of kids his age that we know in this sport, Travis would rather be outside ripping around a track than stuck inside. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago he was out riding his bicycle and crashed while hitting a small jump. In that crash, Travis ended up breaking his femur and now he’ll be laid up for some time. We decided to give this likeable kid a call to say hi and to see how he’s doing.

MXP: Hey Travis, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I guess the first question I have for you is, how are you feeling?

Travis: Not too bad! It’s been tough but things are starting to get better.

It’s a family affair when Travis Gibbs goes racing. Photo by James Lissimore

With any serious injury the first couple of weeks are always difficult. Are you starting to feel more comfortable?

Yeah, I think so. It was a painful thing to go through but I’ll be okay.

I was sad to hear that you got injured, I hate when our sport’s young riders get hurt. However, you didn’t get injured on your dirt bike, it was on your bicycle, correct?

Yeah, I was riding my bicycle when it happened.

Can you take me through what went down?

Sure. It was kind of wet outside and where we were riding was a little slippery. The jump I hit was a log jump and when I landed my one foot slipped off of the pedal and then all of my weight came down on the seat with my groin. It was really unlucky, but I guess when I came down on my seat the angle that I was at broke my femur.

Unfortunatley a bicycle crash two weeks ago left Travis with a broken leg and now he’s sidelined for the summer.

That’s awful! What a freak accident. I assuming you weren’t by yourself.

No, I was with some buddies, and after I crashed I was just lying there saying that I broke my leg. They couldn’t believe it as it wasn’t a big jump or anything. Anyway, from there I went to the hospital and found out that I had broken my femur.

Did you break it higher up and close to your hip?

Yes, at first they thought I had dislocated my hip but it turned out to be a broken femur.

I broke my femur when I was 16 but it was more in the middle of my leg. Did you end up having surgery?

Yes, they did surgery and put in a plate and a fixator to hold everything in place.

It’s easy to pick Travis out on the track as he’s one of the fastest and most stylish 85cc riders in Canada. Photo by James Lissimore

Well, surgery is never a good thing, but I guess it’s better than being in traction or in a full leg cast. How old are you now?

I’m 14.

I’ve seen kids who have this type of injury when they’re young and the doctors don’t want to put plates in or even do surgery. All things considered it sounds as though you got lucky and you’re going to heal up in no time.

Yeah, hopefully! The doctors told me no weight and no pressure on my leg for six weeks. Hopefully after that I can start doing some more things and work on getting my strength back. Obviously, my summer is messed up now but I’ll be okay.

That’s good to hear. Thankfully, kids heal fast, especially ones that are in good shape before they get injured. I know this lock down has been difficult for everyone, before you got injured had you been able to ride much?

Not a lot but we did get to Whispering Pines in Kamloops for some practice motos.

Do you like that track?

Yes, I like the layout and the dirt is pretty good, too.

You raced the WCAN there last year and did very well, correct?

Yeah, I had my best race of the year there in 2019. I ended up winning a moto in the 85cc 12-16 class and finished second overall, and in the Supermini class I finished third overall.

That’s a solid weekend of racing. I also saw you and your family at the Walton TransCan last summer. How did that race go for you?

It was good. I ended up finishing 11th overall in the 85cc class and I think 17th in the Supermini class. It was a fun week at Walton and it was good to go back there after a couple years of not going.

Travis gets ready for the gate drop at last summer’s Walton TransCan. Photo by James Lissimore

Walton is always a fun week, especially when it doesn’t rain like last year. I think last year we had the best weather I’ve ever seen at Walton.

The weather was great. I would’ve liked to finish a little better in both classes but there were a lot of fast riders and the track was tough.

Well, as long as you had fun and rode hard. I guess you won’t be at Walton this summer, but I’m sure you’ll be back there in the future.

For sure!

It’s been great talking to you Travis. I hope you keep feeling better and better as the weeks go by. I remember one of the hardest things about being injured is that it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. When I had my broken leg, I had to sleep on my back for a few weeks and I hate sleeping on my back.

I totally know what you mean. I’m the same way, and right now I have to sleep on the couch, which is even worse.

Things will get better soon! Before I let you go is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Definitely. I’d like to thank Holeshot Motorsports, FXR Racing, 100% Goggles, Matrix Concepts, Gibson Tires, Lime Nine, my Mom and Dad for always helping me, and KTM Canada and Orange Brigade.

Sounds good Travis! Thanks for this and all the best while you heal up.

Thank-you and thanks for calling!