Matrix Concepts Canada Presents 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart

We have now reached the beginning of June and right across the country the weather just keeps getting nicer and nicer. We have also reached that time in the week when we sit down with Ryan Lockhart to ask him some more questions about current topics in our sport. As you know, Ryan has been in this industry for over twenty years and during that time he’s been a rider, a mechanic, a riding coach, and most recently the Brand Manager over at Matrix Concepts Canada. Ryan knows a lot about a lot of things and he’s always a great guy to talk to. Here are this week’s 3 Q’s with Ryan Lockhart presented by Matrix Concepts Canada. 

The opening round at Fox Raceway was tough on the defending champ Zach Osborne as well as a few other top riders. Look for all of them to be better this weekend at Round 2.

MXP: Okay, the opening round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships is now part of motocross history. What did you think Ferrnadis and Lawrence? Were you surprised that they won?

RL: I don’t really think anything was a surprise with how deep both fields are right now. Like honestly I could have named 6-8 guys in each class that could have won. Dylan earned it and hard to work for it and I think it’s even more impressive that he did it in his first 450 motocross event. The Jett really showed that he’s serious and that’s he’s been putting in the work. This track was a track that you could ride on with talent. It was especially challenging in those second moto’s. No Flow, very rough, and it just didn’t look like a lot of fun. If these two can carry the momentum through Thunder Valley and into the hot eastern rounds then I think they’ll become title favourites. 

Newf was happy with how our Canadian riders rode in California.

Let’s talk about Cole Thompson and Burg Giliomee. Both riders rode well and after they were happy with how things went. What are your thoughts on both?

Burg might have even done a little better than I thought. You know he had no expectations coming in and just wanted to enjoy the experience which I know for sure he did. I was texting back and forth with him and his dad Saturday morning after all the sessions and he said that he struggled with trying to put in a fast lap. However, he was pretty good in the LCQ and passed a lot of riders to finish in 10th. I think it would be safe to say that there was no one on that track that had less Pro experience than him.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Cole. I get why he did it and I’m sure it was good to get a few gate drops in but the results were nothing to brag about. We all know that he is capable of much more. Who knows what the deal was but I give him credit for making the trip. I sure hope we see him at some of these AMO races coming up over the next few weeks.

Riding a borrowed EX450, Tyler Medaglia served notice that he’s still in shape and ready to battle on the big stage.

The third question this week is about Tyler Medaglia. He went 18-21 for 21st overall on a borrowed GASGAS EX450. He had his own suspension as well as a few other parts but otherwise, his bike was stock. Most of the riders said that the track was brutal but Tyler told us that he didn’t think it was that rough. Tyler is one of kind as not many of us could go and do what he did last weekend. What are your thoughts on his performance at Fox Raceway as well how do you think he’ll do in Mt.Morris and Southwick? 

Tyler is one of those riders who can just adapt to whatever conditions he is faced with. He’s always been like that and that’s what makes him so special. His starts were terrible but just continued to plug away and pick off some really good guys at the end. I think he will get some Top 15 moto finishes on those tracks as he’s more familiar with them. Also, he could finish really well at Southwick as I know he loves that track and he will be on his own race bike.