Monday Maniac #13


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Our first issue of 2012 – Bobby Kiniry on the cover. Only fitting that he had his best weekend to date when this great mag launches. (I just patted myself on the back) Hahhaaha

WOW, what a weekend in Toronto at the Monster Energy Supercross. It was long for some us but well worth every penny and minutes spent down in the big city. I was one of the fortunate ones to spend four full days down at Rogers Centre. Yes, it’s part of my job but I also enjoyed every part of it because of the racing/riding to be seen, and also how you get to see friends from the industry you only get to see face to face at big events. I would have to say that this year’s Toronto SX was the best one yet. Biggest crowd to date by far I would assume, I mean the nose bleeds were nearly full this year. Racing was pretty good but then the mains lived up to every inch you were expecting. For MXP, the feedback from our first issue of 2012 was very positive. It was win-win all around for all involved. Now let’s hope all this positive energy turns into bikes sales for the local dealers, more racers at the track, and the flood gates of sponsorship dollars open up for our Monster Energy Motocross Nationals: fingers crossed.

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 002

Is it just me or does the Canadian flag look a little like a Ninja throwing star? LOL


2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 053

Deano and the Beats were in the house and smiling for Zanette when she took this.

I have to start this MM with a big thanks to all the people that worked/supported MXP in some way this past weekend, plus Marc Landry, Andrea Zanette and Rich Shepherd for taking pictures. I can’t stress enough how much your work means to MXP. And thanks to Frankie Bellissimo, Greg Oldham, and Kyle Sheppard (no he is not related to Rich) for the upcoming videos that will be loaded this week on I hope you guys had fun and we are all anxiously waiting to see what you guys saw through the lens. Kelsey Lockhart and Michele Sullivan for the “Party” report forth coming. I’m sure this will be hilarious. Lastly, thanks to Ami Houde and Jamie Routley for bringing the #AmiJamieMXAdventures into town for MXP to shoot and follow. From what I read on Twitter and saw up close, I’m betting this one smokes their first two vids, at least that’s what I’m hoping. Thanks to all!!

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 015

The freestyle crew did a great job for the first ever track party held in Toronto.

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 104

Mark Stallybrass and OTSFF’s owner, Andre Laurin, having some laughs for Zanette.

Okay enough of the mushy stuff. The weekend started for me on Thursday as Frankie and I headed down to press day at the Rogers Centre. This is actually the first year that I have been down there for press day. It was great to see Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin show up. At one point they were not going to make it then at the last minute the plan worked out. This really made all the kids that raised money for the “MX For Children” program super happy. This year the kids raised over $18,000 for the Sick Kids Hospital. It is the biggest they have raised to date for the Toronto event. Great job to all the kids that helped and to everyone that made a donation. Frankie was able to shoot this cool video of the day, plus I took some mediocre photos. LOL

More than $18,000 raised from the kids this year for Sick Kids Hospital. Great job guys!!

Check out this awesome video


Link for photo report: HERE



Rex Backman from MX For Children showing us all the supporters of this great program.

Friday was a pretty long drawn out day. I arrived at the stadium for about 10am. I actually just happened to stumble in on the CTV people getting ready to ride a CRF 150 while Cole Thompson gave the dude some pointers. I chatted with Cole for a few minutes. He was sick as you could ever be, as was his brother Kyle. I could tell right there it was going to be a tough weekend for the Canadian duo. 24 hours later Cole had a big crash in the whoops and was not be able to race on the Saturday night. A big blow to the Canadian fans that would have been cheering for him, but more importantly he is okay and will be taking a few weeks off to prepare for New Orleans. This was from Cole’s Twitter: “Not the best weekend. 3 laps into the first practice I crashed in the whoops N got knocked out. Won’t be back till New Orleans. So bummed.” Get well soon Cole. The rest of my Friday was helping the Monster crew get the bike I brought down from Edge Performance ready for the track party that night. Kris Foster was the man borrowing the bike and he didn’t disappoint at all. The rest of the boys did a great job as well. So for the first time ever in Toronto the track party happened. Monster Energy and the Monster Energy Canada crew showed us all one hell of a good Friday night.


This is the only pic we may have of Cole. Get well soon kid.

Saturday was a rough start for me as the party may have affected my brain a little from Friday night. I was welcomed into the KTM Red Bull suite for the night. I planted myself there and was treated to a solid time. Big thanks to JD Wheeler for letting me bring in some MXP mags to the booth. The mag received some great feedback and was a hit for the night. It was really cool hanging with the KTM Canada crew: Danny Brault, Florian Burguet, Andy White and the rest of the orange boys. I tell ya though, the best part of the night was hanging with Donny and Dougie Brault. Those guys had me in stitches all night long and made the Toronto experience even better. Dougie, you’re one of a kind my friend.


Track Party was a big hit with Canadian fans.



Slash rolling out the anthems. Photo by Rich Shepherd

Racing was pretty good all night. The opening ceremonies were a hit when Slash came out and played the national anthem. That was a huge highlight for the fans. Kevin Windham did not do a transfer for us but the crowd still gave him the loudest roar. Once the racing started the crowd really go into it. The heats and LCQs didn’t really offer much for craziness but the mains were epic from the gate drop to the checkered flag; just an awesome weekend from start to finish.

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 185

The best pic of the night I think. Photo by Andrea Zanette

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 242

K Dub put on a hell of a show for us Vet dudes. Photo by Andrea Zanette

I did happen to catch some rumours after a great meeting had by Ontario promoters, CMRC, Monster and others. All sounds positive for the 2012 season. I’m not giving anything away but there will be some good things on the rise if all goes to plan. Also, if you’re wondering why I’m a little shorter than usual this week, it’s because of how much I will have to throw your way this week on the #1 moto website in Canada. Be prepared to have your computer blow up from visiting us way too much this week. Booom!! I almost forgot, I will announce the winner of the #MXPFMFContest ASAP. We had so much come in it’s a tough choice. Stay Tuned!!

2012 Toronto SX MXP pics 252

Donnie (l) and Dougie (r) had me in stitches all night long. Hahaha