#MXPFMF Contest Winner Announced

As so many of you know (considering how many pics we got we can only assume that many people knew), we ran a great contest this past weekend. Big thanks to FMF for sending us some great apparel for the winner.

Here are the pictures that were sent and the winner is at the bottom. Thanks to all that sent in their pics and hit the hash tag correctly #MXPFMFContest. This was a big reason why the winner was picked. Be sure to follow @mxpmagazine on Twitter for everything and anything Canadian moto.

Aox5OeDCMAEAjeS.jpg large

@markjfarrell57@mxpmagazine Mookie looks ready #MXPFMFContest

Aox6dTfCEAIZRVq.jpg large

@markjfarrell57@mxpmagazine kdub still got it #MXPFMFContest

Aox91zCCAAEkFzI.jpg large

@Sullivan_Mich: Cooool

AoxEpxyCAAEY5BC.jpg large

Ami & Jami still going! #amijamimxadventures

Aoybnp1CQAEcgVw.jpg large

@Donk122@mxpmagazine #MXPFMFcontest

AozP7g3CIAAcwlH.jpg large

@FB313#mxpfmfcontest kid losing it for villopoto!!

h3hb0qhj tw1

@BrettLeemx: At the biggest race their is love for the superman! #MXPFMFContest @mxpmagazine

kf3o8gkj tw1

@BrettLeemx: Supercross eyes! #MXPFMFContest @mxpmagazine @waltonraceway

kkr1eyjj tw1

#MXPFMFContest  @wardmotosports@mxpmagazine

nwd85jfj tw1

@DaviMillsaps #MXPFMFContest @wardmotosports@mxpmagazine

nzzmukmj tw1

#MXPFMFContest @BAMBAM1E @wardmotosports@mxpmagazine

oe8hkfqkj tw1

#MXPFMFContest @wardmotosports@mxpmagazine I wanna ride

oe328dxj tw1

#MXPFMFContest @jmthibs@mxpmagazine look at meeeee!!!!

Aox41s8CIAAxCTE.jpg large

The winner is this guy @markjfarrell57@mxpmagazine the pits from above #MXPFMFContest

Congratulations Mark Farrell for winning the #MXPFMFContest.

Thanks to everyone that sent a picture in.