MXP Chatter With Tyler Medaglia

When we heard that Tyler Medaglia was considering travelling to California for the opening round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships it was honestly a little surprising. Not only has he been retired from full-time racing since last fall, but with all of the Covid restrictions surrounding travel, one had to wonder why Tyler would even bother? But once we spoke to him and heard the thinking behind his decision it made perfect sense. Up until last Saturday, Tyler had never ridden a pro-national in California, and since he’s been training hard back home he figured this might be one of his last opportunities to do. So he loaded up his suspension as well as a few other important parts, flew to California, and borrowed a GASGAS EX450 to race on the challenging Fox Raceway track. In the end, Tyler rode strong in both motos to finish in 21st overall. It was an impressive ride and now Tyler is motivated to race a few more rounds of this tough series. We caught up with Tyler just as he was preparing to fly home to Nova Scotia to asked him a few important questions.

On the rough Fox Raceway track:

“The track reminded me a lot of Whispering Pines in Kamloops, just with more elevation. The dirt was good as they had a ton of water on it, but that also made it get a little one lined. Overall, I enjoyed the track and the only thing I wished they had changed was the start. With it being high speed and tilled up really deep it favoured the inside riders and ended up being a little dangerous. In the second moto got caught up in a first turn pile-up with Phil Nicoletti and Jacob Hayes. I didn’t go down but it put me way back in the pack. Everyone was saying how rough the track was but honestly, I didn’t find it that bad. I’ve been training back home on some really rough tracks so I was used to the bumps and ruts.”

On how he felt during the two motos:

“I felt great all day long and in the end, I was really happy with my fitness. In the opening moto, I did my fastest lap on the last lap so that shows my level of fitness. For the past two months, I’ve been training for the GNCC’s so sometimes I’ll do an hour moto or sometimes even a two-hour moto. That type of training obviously helped me as the 35-minute motos on Saturday didn’t feel that bad.”

On his overall finish at the opening round:

“I was happy with how I rode but I do think I could’ve finished a little better in both motos. In the opening moto there was a pack of riders right in front of me that I think I could’ve been in front of. In moto two, I had to charge from almost dead last and then in the final few laps, I tipped over in a corner and lost time. If I could’ve gotten a decent start then I know I could finish inside the Top 15 for sure. Like any big race, there are packs of riders that are going at the same speed. The leaders are obviously on a different level, but after that, there is a pack of guys that all about the same. As always, it’s all about the start. You have to be inside the Top 15 early and then go from there.”

On how the Callus gear brand is going:

“Everything is going great with Callus and Mitch and I couldn’t be happier. We have a kid’s line now so that is pretty cool. We also recently released some new colourways and we have a few new riders who are wearing the gear so it’s cool to see it on the track. Overall the Callus brand is doing well and I think it’s just going to keep getting better. Please check out”

On what the future holds:

“This week I fly back to Nova Scotia and before I can do anything I’ll have to quarantine for two weeks. Other than going riding with the family I don’t really do anything or go anywhere so this won’t be an issue. After that, I’ll head to Mt. Morris for the third round of this series and then we’ll go from there. I definitely want to race Southwick as that is one of my favourite tracks. From there, I’d like to race a few GNCC’s later in the year, and also it would be cool to try and make it out to Ontario in August to race Walton.”