MXP Chatter With Tyler Medaglia

Before the 2021 race season began Tyler Medaglia was planning on doing mostly a part-time schedule. With his main focus being the International Six-Days event in Italy, Tyler built his entire training program around this race. However, as the season began Tyler’s race schedule got busier and busier and now in the end it ended up looking not much different than any other season. This past weekend Tyler was once again competing on the world stage as a member of Team Canada at the 2021 Monster Energy MXoN event in Mantova, Italy. Tyler and his Canadian teammates had a solid weekend in Italy but he feels like they left a lot on the table. We caught up with Tyler this morning as he was now back at home relaxing after a long trip overseas.

MXP: Hey Tyler, how are you feeling after yet another long trip to Italy and back?

TM: Hey Palms! Honestly, I’m completely spent right now and my body feels shot. My knees and joints are sore and I feel like I just need a rest. It’s been a long summer and a really long past few weeks.

When we spoke before this season you mentioned that you were going to race-selected events and that your main focus was competing in the Six Day’s event in Italy. You’re 2021 race season sure turned into more than that.

That was my original plan and then as the season went on I just decided to do what I did. I actually wanted to do more but I wasn’t able to pull it off. Looking back I’m glad we did what we did also it was great to get my son (Tallon) to a few of the big races like Deschambault and the Walton TransCan.

You mentioned that your body is tired and sore. Do you have specific injuries or do you just need some rest?

When I came back from the Six Days a bunch of us went riding and really I was still feeling exhausted from that trip. I shouldn’t have gone riding and just rested instead, but I did and I ended up taking a pretty heavy crash. I hit my head, opened up a previous wound on my elbow, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I banged up my shoulder pretty good. Then, before going over to Italy for the MXoN I raced an Enduro event and ended up fatiguing my shoulder. I could definitely feel it when I was riding this past weekend and then in one of the motos on Sunday I hit a downed rider off the start and crashed. That really weakened my shoulder and I could barely hold on for the rest of the day. I gave it everything I had but it’s just frustrating that I wasn’t 100% when I needed to be.

Tyler had a busy summer racing all over the world. Photo by James Lissimore

The conditions on Sunday looked challenging at best. What was it like to race on the track when it was like that?

It was tough in so many different ways. With the rain and wet sand, you couldn’t see anything, especially off of the start. It was a crapshoot to make it through the first few turns as you couldn’t see and riders were crashing everywhere. Even during the race, riders were crashing everywhere as the track was treacherous. The jump faces had huge kickers on them and with good vision being such an issue, it was just tough to try and ride fast and not make mistakes.

Overall, were you happy with the Team’s result given all the adversity you guys had to face?

I’m happy that we all got through it healthy but honestly, I’m disappointed in our overall result as well as my results. Obviously, I wanted to do better and deep down I know I could’ve done so much better. Things just happened and I guess that’s racing. From a team perspective, our speed was good enough to finish well inside the Top 10. Dylan was flying and he showed the world how good his speed is, Jake rode great for his age and for this being his first time on Team Canada. We had all of the intangibles to do well, things just didn’t go our way on Sunday.

I can hear the absolute disappointment in your voice.

Yeah, I’m just bummed that things ended up the way they did. I’ve been very fortunate in my career to be on a few Team Canada’s and when things don’t go the way you want them to you always think about next time and how both as a rider and a team can we do better. At this stage in my career, I’m not sure if there will be a next time so it’s extra frustrating I guess.

Tyler has always been happy to represent Canada on the world stage!

I can understand that Tyler, but in this sport, you can never predict the future, regardless of your age. You may get another chance next year in RedBud.

I hope so! I think we showed everyone in Italy how good our young riders are in Canada and I think the future is bright.

As you mentioned, you’ve been a member of Team Canada eight times over the year which is why we call you ‘Captain Canada’. Overall, how was your experience this year?

Everything was great! Carl Bastedo and Zeb Dennis had everything dialed in and from the time we arrived in Italy until we left on Monday everything was great. Our bikes arrived on time, the hotel was close to the track, and our set-up at the track was solid. It was a great team to be a part of and I’m grateful for the chance to once again represent Canada.

Look for some exciting new products from Callus Moto Gear soon, including a Tyler Medaglia signature glove! Photo by James Lissimore

That’s great to hear and I’m glad that everything went well. So what is next for you in the coming weeks and months?

Well, right now I’m going to rest and let my body heal. Also, I have some things to do at home so that is obviously a priority. After that, I’ll be hosting a Sprint Enduro soon as well as introducing some exciting Callus products that we’re working on. I have my own signature Callus gloves coming out soon so I’m really excited about that. Finally, I hope to Tallon down south in November to do some riding and have some fun down there.

Your own signature Callus glove! That’s very exciting. Well, thanks for picking up the phone this morning Tyler. I hope you can get some rest and once again thank you for giving your blood, sweat, and tears for your country.

Thanks Palms!