Royal Distributing Presents Young And On The Rise: Dexter Seitz

Last weekend the 2018/19 Future West Canadian AX Championships kicked off in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Not only is this a series for pro riders but it’s also very popular with amateur riders from BC, as well as Alberta. One of those fast Alberta riders who made the long drive to Chilliwack was 65cc rider Dexter Seitz. Dexter loves racing indoors and in recent years he’s competed in numerous AX events as well as one of the KJSC events in the USA. With this large amount of indoor experience under his belt, Dexter had a great weekend in Chilliwack, winning main events on both Friday and Saturday. For this week’s Royal Distributing Young and on the Rise, we reached out to Dexter to get his thoughts on not just this past weekend but on his 2018 season as well.

MXP: Hey Dexter, we’re definitely into winter now. What have you been up to lately?

Hello! Yeah, we have lots of snow already. I was just in California for a couple weeks riding and racing the Mini Majors and the AME Minicross, but I’m home now and training six hours a week with my snowboard team, Riders on Board.

MXP: I think it’s great that you not only race dirt bikes but that you’re also into other sports like snowboarding. Tell us about Chilliwack. You went there and pretty much cleaned up.

Thanks! I felt really good; it was one of my favourite races I’ve done. There were so many riders that we had to do qualifiers for the night show! For the main event, there were 17 racers that lined up so that was really cool to have a huge turnout for an AX. Kyle Beaton and Shawn Maffenbeier put on a riding school before the race. It was super cool to be taught by the best.

Dexter Seitz came into Chilliwack with a lot of indoor racing experience under his young belt. Here he shows perfect form and he navigates the difficult whoop section on the Kyle Beaton built track. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: The track looked like so much fun, was it as good as it looked?

Yes, the track was awesome thanks to Kyle Beaton. With a large floor inside the arena, Kyle was able to build a really big track, so you could get some speed and flow.

MXP: What was the best part of the track?

The long rhythm section! Double, Double, Double and single out but some pros were Triple, Triple, Single; it was so cool, I can’t wait to be able to do that!

MXP: We saw that your fellow Alberta rider Cash Wright went there as well. It’s great that you Alberta boys made the long drive to Chilliwack.

It was awesome how many Alberta racers came out. There were 50cc racers all the way up to the pros. We all did pretty good, but the BC riders are FAST so the racing was tough. They made us work for it. I love going to BC. All the racers are so nice; we have tons of fun together on and off the track.

MXP: We also heard that you’re headed back there this coming weekend?

Yeah, we are heading back this weekend; we left our truck and bikes there and flew home, so we have to fly back today. I can’t wait to ride the new track layout, because they change it for every race, which is super cool, but I hope they keep the rhythm section (laughs).

MXP: Well, it sounds like you have another fun weekend ahead of you. Overall, how was your 2018 season?

My 2018 season had lots of ups and just a few downs. It seems like at all of the big races I had a few problems, but I know what I need to do for 2019 and I’m excited for it. I really like my KTM65, and right now I fit the bike perfectly. I think I learned a lot this year and I cannot wait to hit the track in 2019.

With his Dad JC winning the +40 Championship at the Walton TransCan, and Dexter finishing well also. You can see why the Seitz family are planning to attend this awesome event again in 2019. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: It was great to see you at Walton in August. How was your first trip to the Walton TransCan?

It was great to see you too and finally meet all my East coast racer friends! Walton was the best experience ever, although I didn’t have any luck on the track. However, it was still the best race I have ever been to and I can’t wait to go back for 2019. Hopefully the weather is a little better next year and I finish a little better.

MXP: Have you ever ridden in mud that savage?

NO! That was by far the craziest mud ever. I definitely need to work on my mud skills. When the snow starts melting, I will start riding in the mud to prepare. More racing in BC with all the rain they get and longer legs would help (laughs). I will make my Dad take mud tires next year, too. 

MXP: I think a few riders will be doing some more mud training before Walton in 2019. How is school going? Does everyone in your class know what you do?

School is going really well, but I have to work extra hard because of missing so many classes. When I’m not riding or snowboarding, I just do homework, a lot of homework, because my parents won’t let me race if I’m not doing well in school. I’m lucky because lots of work is done online now so I can just log into my class and work when I’m gone. I have a couple school friends that know I ride motocross, but the rest just know horses. They just call me the FOX kid, since my Dad works for Fox Canada, that is all I wear. My teacher last year asked for a copy of MXP Magazine that I was in to put in the classroom; that was really cool. My family is really close friends with Dean Wilson so he came to my school to pick me up one day, but nobody knew who he was.

MXP: Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well in school. What other things do you like to do outside of motocross?

Snowboarding, and I really like BMX; it’s good cross training for MX. I had to start skateboarding for dry land training with my snowboard team so I’m really beginning to like that as well. I used to love playing Fortnite also, but my parents don’t allow it much anymore now that school has started.

MXP: We noticed you got to ride your BMX at the B-Line Indoor Bike Park with Drew Bezanson recently. How cool was that?

It was so cool riding with Drew, he was so nice. It’s just crazy what he can do on a bike and the transfers he comes up with. I’m glad we have an indoor bike park now in Calgary. It’s so much fun to just go and spend a day there. Next time we go to Ontario I want to go to Joyride 150 and ride there, I hear it’s a lot of fun.

After a successful opening round in Chilliwack, Dexter and his family are headed back to “Beat’s Barn” this weekend for some more indoor fun. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: Yes, Joyride 150 is a blast. Well, it sounds as though life is pretty good right now. Looking ahead to 2019, what are your plans for racing?

Yes, life is pretty great. I’m starting 2019 off at Anaheim 2 racing the amateur day, and then I’ll head back to BC to finish off the Future West AX Series. After that I’ll ride a few Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers, a few local Alberta & BC races, and of course the Walton TransCan, for sure. I would also really like to do a few more of the AME Minicross races in California as well.

MXP: Sounds like you have a full plate of racing slated for 2019. Thanks for talking to us this week and good luck in Chilliwack.

Thank you so much for doing this. It’s always fun talking to you and we hope to see you soon!