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3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Newf had a great time at the ECAN racing and hanging out with his family.

MXP: Hey Newf, it looks like you had fun last week at the ECAN as you, your son Meston, as well as your dad and brother Brad all raced. How was the event from your perspective?

RL: It was a fun week for sure. I always enjoy the facility at Deschambault and the track is world-class. There is no question that there were some internal issues as far as the running of the races but with almost 900 entries it’s to be expected. I think overall it was a big learning experience for the entire crew and they’re already making plans to improve for 2023. At the end of the day we still all had fun and there was some great racing.

Can this 16 year old win his first pro title next weekend at Walton? Newf hopes he can!

MXP: It was another great day at Round 8 for the GDR Honda Team as they once again won both classes. Dylan clinched his third 450 title in a row and Ryder moved one step closer to winning his first ever pro championship. Dylan is a beast, and we all know that. To ride like he has the past two weeks with injured ribs is just amazing. But as far as Ryder goes, how impressed are you with his turnaround since Round 3 in Manitoba when he pretty much hit rock bottom?

RL: Yes big congrats to Dylan but this championship feels a little different on the team side as it has seemed to come a little easier than in past years. Not so much for Dylan as he’s pretty beat up but I think we are all getting a little caught up in this perfect season stuff. Either way, three straight is very impressive. As far as Ryder goes, this is an amazing comeback as I think we were all not sure what the hell was going on after Round 3. I think some tough love from the team and him realizing that he was letting this championship slip out of his hands. He has been extremely focused and luck has been on his side and things are just clicking. If he closes the deal Sunday this will be a big championship for Ryder, his family, and the team.

Zach may not have the fitness to race for 35 minutes but he’ll definitely have some good speed.

MXP: It was announced on Monday that Zach Osborne is coming to Walton next week to hang out as well as a race on Sunday. Obviously, he comes in with a good pedigree having won the 450 title in the USA two years ago. But a lot has changed for Zach since then with regards to back injuries and having to retire from full-time racing. It’s going to be great to have him at Walton as he’s a great rider and a class act but where do you think he fits into the 450 class at Round 9?

RL: This is awesome for our series to have a guy like Zach come up. It will give the series some much-needed attention from the rest of the world as everyone will be wondering where Zach stacks up. We all need to remember that he’s retired and not a full-time racer anymore so the expectations shouldn’t be as high as what some people think. I think we will see him on the podium at the end of the day but I have a hard time seeing him being close to Dylan. Either way thanks for coming Zach as this is a great way to end the 2022 Triple Crown Series.


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