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3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Future West 2022

MXP: Hey Newf, I would like to talk about Regional racing first. How was Round 2 of the Future West MX Series in Kelowna?

RL: Yes it was a good weekend. We had another big turnout with 475 entries and only a couple of injuries but nothing major. The track was really good as the weather was overcast and some random rain showers here and there so the track held together well. The Pro-Am class was well supported again with Maffenbeier winning everything. Big thanks to the whole Future West Moto Staff as well as the Kelowna dirt bike club for doing a great job. We are heading up north next weekend for Round 3 in Quesnel which should be a great event as well. Also, we should see some new faces as this round will cater to the Northern riders as far as driving distance goes.

MXP: The 2022 Monster Energy Supercross Series wrapped up last weekend in SLC. Two questions here. Did you enjoy this year’s SX Series and what did you think of Barcia’s pass on Stewart in the main event? Did Barcia deserve all of the boo’s from the crowd?

RL: Yes of course I enjoyed it as I’m a fan but like I touched on last week I felt like it drug on a bit at the end. We were spoiled as fans with the first 5-6 rounds being so exciting and different winners but then it lost its excitement once Eli got in the driver’s seat of the championship. Also with there being so many injuries in both 450 and 250 classes that really hurt as well. But all in all, it was great to see how it played out.

Honestly, the Barcia deal was uncalled for in my opinion and luckily no one got hurt. I listened to a few of Barcia’s interviews and I do respect his drive to get results, but that was just plain dirty, and I’m not sure how he thought this was going to work out well in the end. It cost him 4th in the championship which I would assume cost him a bunch of money. I feel like one of these times when the right rider gets the right opportunity they are going to really retaliate on Barcia and it won’t end well.

MXP: In 2006 and 2007 you raced multiple rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross Series and then in a short time had to prepare for outdoors. How challenging is it for these guys to go from SX to the opening round of the Lucas Oil MX Championships in just a few weeks?

RL: It is a short turnaround time that’s for sure and I think it really affects the top guys who are in it for the SX championship the most. If you look back over the years when Dungey, Villopoto, or whoever won the SX championships really struggled in the first few outdoors as they had little to no time to test. For the guys that are outside the championship hunt, they start their testing while SX is still going on which is a huge benefit. Look at a guy like Roczen, he’s been riding outdoors only for about two months now so I can guarantee that he will come out swinging here in a few weeks.


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