Team Canada MXoN Update: Travel Day

Well, the time has finally come for Team Canada to pack up and head over to Italy for the 2021 Monster Energy MXoN. For this year our Canadian team is loaded with talent as Dylan Wright, Tyler Medaglia and Jacob Piccolo have all had success outdoors this summer (more are them tomorrow). This prestigious race will take place on the Mantova track and from talking to the riders and watching highlights on YouTube, this circuit has the feel of our Sand Del Lee and Deschambault tracks. This should most certainly favour Team Canada as all three riders ride these types of tracks very well. So the stage is set and Team Canada will head to the airport tonight to fly across the Atlantic to Milan where they will all meet up and then travel to Mantova. For this week the team is staying close to the track at the Albergo Bianchi Hotel which is located just 7km from the Mantova Circuit.

Team Canada will be staying just 7km from the track in beautiful Mantova, Italy.

For anyone who has travelled to Europe knows the first couple of days can be challenging on your system. A good sleep on your first night as well as good hydration is key if you want to limit jet lag and keep your energy level high. Tyler Medaglia was just over in Italy a couple of weeks ago competing in the International Six Days event so I’m quite sure he knows what to do. As does Dylan Wright who has been over to Europe before. For Jacob Piccolo, even though he’s the youngest rider on the team, he will have a lot of guidance from both his teammates as well as from the Team Canada support staff. The team will also have their full race bikes with them in Italy so that is obviously a must at this event. So by this time, tomorrow Team Canada will all be in Italy and no doubt trying to drink as much Italian coffee as possible as they try and stay awake on the all-important Day 1. Here is a short message from Team Canada’s Manager Carl Bastedo that he sent out yesterday.

Don’t worry, Captain Canada is ready to go this weekend! Photo by James Lissimore

Hi All, The bikes arrived at the SM Racing Team shop in Bologna today. The Piccolo crew left today and the rest of us tomorrow. Zeb, Donk, and I are 3 hours behind Tyler, Dylan, Jade, and Cory. Tyler is renting a car and taking them down to the Hotel and then on to Bologna to check out the bikes. We will join them a little later. We will probably be too tired to get together for dinner on Wednesday night but will plan on a team dinner Thursday night. Thursday we go back to Bologna to a practice track to get some riding in before the weekend,