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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

Newf is looking forward to the upcoming Rimbey AX.

MXP: Hey Newf! Hopefully the weather has improved in the Vancouver area. You have a couple of races coming up in Alberta next month. Can you talk a little about the fast-approaching Rimbey AX?

RL: Yes, winter is over (laughs). The snow is all gone, and it has warmed back up. Rimbey is coming quickly. I actually spoke with the promoters yesterday, and they said entries are roiling in, and everything is shaping up great. My schools filled up fast, and I look forward to returning. Fingers crossed that it’s not too cold in a few weeks in Alberta, as that will not make it as fun. Last year, we got fortunate with the weather and had all the doors open in the building for ventilation.

Newf is picking RJ Hampshire to win the 250SX West class overall this weekend.

MXP: It looks as though we’re finally going to get a dry Supercross this weekend in Anaheim. We’ll ask you about the Lawrence/Anderson incident in a moment, but with this being a Triple Crown event, who do you like for the win in both the 250SX West and 450SX classes?

RL: Yes, I’m looking forward to watching a dry race. Two mudders in a row was enough. Triple Crown events are fun to watch, but I don’t think anyone will sweep all three mains in either class. If I were to venture a guess, I would go with my original guys, RJ Hampshire in 250SX West class and Jett in the 450SX class. It’s hard to pick the winners since the two mud races gave us so much to scratch our heads about, and we have had different winners in the first three rounds. The series is still so wide open as far as who the title favourites are.

With a dry Anaheim 2 ahead of us this weekend, the battle between between these two should be exciting.

MXP: Okay, we have to ask you about what happened between Jett Lawrence and Jason Anderson after last weekend’s main event. Obviously, Jett was frustrated with Anderson for racing him so hard and wanted to have words with him. This probably happens more than we know; we just don’t get to see it. However, you can’t put your hands on another rider, especially Anderson, so things escalated quickly. So, there was the incident, but there has also been a lot of chatter this week that has not been kind to Lawrence. We want to ask you about the incident, but also, is this a must-win weekend for Jett so he can regain his mental advantage on these guys?

RL: Yes, I agree that this type of stuff happens often, and we don’t hear about it, especially in timed qualifying when guys get in the way when another rider is on a fast lap, etc. The problem is that Jett has so many people in his camp trying to protect him from his agent, who wrote the apology to his dad and everyone else. He’s 20 years old, and if he wants to grab a Veteran rider like Jason Anderson, who isn’t scared to deal with a shit storm, Jett needs to deal with the consequences on his own. These last two races have been hard on Jett as everyone expects him to win, but it has also shown us he is human. I like it. As far as a must-win? He’s fine; I don’t think there will be any more drama between him and Anderson, as higher-ups will tell them to move on.


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