The Corduroy Enduro: A True Test of Performance

Words by Shelby Mahon

Photos by Delaney Brogan

The Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad team is in deep preparation mode for one of the most exciting and dangerous events of the season. Described as the hardest enduro in Canada, the Corduroy Enduro is 3 days of grueling, rocky, usually muddy, and technical terrain throughout Gooderham Ontario.

In my mind the Cord is like a hangover that starts on Friday and doesn’t go away until the next Friday. Now I know that sounds bad but the thing about a hangover is it starts with friends and always ends with good memories. That is exactly what the Cord is. It starts with friends; you race with friends and you share your stories with your friends. It’s a community of riders and volunteers who want to challenge themselves,” said Delaney Brogan, Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad racer and Marketing Assistant.

The Cord has an impressive history of 66 years of men and women putting themselves through some of the toughest trails Blair Sharpless and his support team can find or build. Mark Rivers, CEO of Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad was excited to jump on board with the Corduroy Enduro and the Promation National Enduro Championship after launching Hoosier Offroad only a few short months ago. “We are very excited to be involved with the Corduroy Enduro and the Promation National Enduro Championships this year. Not only will our full line-up of performance products like Hoosier MX tires, Red Line Oil, X Grip mousses and HD tubes help your bike perform; our hospitality and support will help you perform at your best as well! We’ve got the products and the support to help grow the Canadian Enduro scene and sponsoring events like the Corduroy is just one way we plan to help,” says Rivers who plans on turning the industry upside down with his new approach to passion, performance and trackside support. Don’t forget to sign-up for the $7,500 Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Corduroy Enduro Contingency program at That’s an additional $7,500 that has been added to the pot on top of the already impressive $4,500+ in prizes and Roost Dollars!

The pressure is on as the riders go through their morning rituals, putting on the left sock before the right, hunting down those lucky shorts and eventually making their way to the starting position. Everyone starts fresh but not everyone will finish. During the time before their minute shows up on the flip cards, riders fall silent. Their nerves begin creeping in as the intense 80-100km ahead of them weighs on their minds and souls. The morning is cold and damp with the smell of fall heavy in the air, only heart beats and heavy breathing is hear until ROAR engines come to life and they are off! Racers now face a slurry of trails and tests that may leave them shaking in their riding gear and asking for their training wheels. Greens Mountain, Scott and Sues, and Blackberry Trail are all names of the many tests you’ll enter and may not come out of.

The first portion of the Cord separates the novice and experienced riders within minutes. If you make it to the first gas stop, you’re doing better than most! The gas stops are filled with chatter about the first of the tests, battle wounds are shown, bent and broken bikes are pulled from the action with many racers dreams are shattered early on. Brogan, had some words of wisdom for her fellow racers, “Continuing on into the day, conserving your energy is key. Don’t go crazy in the transit sections, they aren’t timed, but don’t go to slow because you could hour out. Once you get to the test take a breath and a drink of water if you can, it only gets harder.” Don’t forget all of the Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad members will have access to the designated Purple Paddock Gas Stops!

When and if the rider makes it to the second gas stop, they are going to be brandishing a lot more battle wounds and an empty water pack. This is the breaking point where you can tell who has trained full-time and those who only part-timed it. Pulling back into the pits at the end of Saturday, you must impound your bike. There is no time to clean it, fix it or give it a hug good night. The only thing you can do is prep for the 15 minutes of maintenance you are given on Sunday morning.

Now picture being sore and beaten up from the day before, only to get up Sunday and do it all over again! That is the essence of the Corduroy Enduro. People from all over Canada come to this small town near to Haliburton Ontario to put themselves through the hardest enduro in Canada. It seems crazy to some and yet it is the highlight of the year for many others.

The riders and families who participate all tend to agree on one thing; Saturday and Sunday night, after the race day is over, when people sit around their fires, eating their dinners, and sharing their “War” stories the comradery, memories and lifelong friendships that emerge every year is what truly makes the Cord great. Shelby Mahon, Director of Marketing at Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad explains that, “at the Roost Factory we are here to support and promote grassroots, amateur racing and the families who make this sport possible. We take our passion from their passion. It’s about the comradery you see in the trails, the father, the mother, the son, the brother, the sister, the friends and teams that try and tackle the challenges together. True inspiration is never hard to find when your trackside especially at the Corduroy Enduro!”

Luckily for all Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad members the big purple paddock will be trackside for the Corduroy Enduro starting on Wednesday September 18th! Stop by during the Corduroy Enduro to sign-up for membership and the contingency program, pick-up some of the best products in the industry and enjoy the hospitality that the Roost Factory is becoming famous for!

The purple paddock is meant to give the grassroots racer the support they deserve along with knowledge, assistance, tools and the best place at the track to hang out! Ever show up to a race alone? Ever consider traveling to another province or to another series? Need to change a tire? Forget something at home? Want to meet other racers and hang out after the days events? The purple paddock is the answer to those questions and many more!

The Corduroy Enduro is a race you will never forget, and if you’re one of the lucky few that get a log at the end, you know that you join a small group of some of the best enduro racers in Canada. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get a finishers medal, congratulations and know you’ve just challenged yourself in the most iconic way you can in Ontario. A special good luck goes out to all of the 331 entries to date, the Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad team will be cheering you on no matter what brand of products you choose to run! Keep it rubber side down and we will see you on the other side!