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The Friday 10 Presented By Thor MX- Friday At Gopher Dunes

If you ever get then chance you have to visit the Gopher Dunes pro shop and do some shopping.

Usually when you arrive at an AMO Racing event the first smiling face you see is Denise Gauld.

You know you’re in for an adventure when you see this sign.

Steve Shore took a big practice crash yesterday but he’s still out here on a Friday afternoon teaching.

As always the Gopher Dunes track has some teeth today.

After winning the Supermini class last weekend at SDL WMX rider Brady McLarty is on a roll.

Experienced officials at the races is one of the keys to success and Tim Lee is one of the best.

Ontario race paramedic Ron Cameron is the guy you love but you don’t want to see at the races. Every rider and family though is happy that he’s here and looking after everyone.

The 50cc 7-8 class blasts off for their opening moto today and as predicted by his dad Beckett Burke grabbed the holeshot.

For this Friday our Rider of the Week is young Lennon Yandt who did her absolute best to make it around the challenging Gopher Dunes track.


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