The Red Bull Imagination Event Is Ready To Go


The four-day freeride motocross event dreamt up by Tyler Bereman and carved into the hills of the Midwest by Jason Baker of Dream Traxx. The custom-built course draws inspiration from slopestyle sports like snowboarding and mountain biking and will include shark fin transfers, a quarterpipe, various rhythm sections, a 40′ container and more.


  • 8x X Games medalist Tyler Bereman
  • 8x X Games medalist Colby Raha
  • Former AMA Supercross/motocross racer Cole Seely
  • 3x X Games medalist Tom Parsons
  • 4x X Games medalist and World Record Holder Vicki Golden
  • AMA Supercross/Motocross, flat track and hard enduro rider Ryan Sipes
  • 2x X Games gold medalist Josh Hansen


  • Ronnie Renner
  • Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg
  • Steve Haughelstine

The 3-day session riding will be followed by a single day competition where each rider has (3) 5-minute windows to showcase their talent in crafting the perfect link. Riders will be scored on more than just the number of tricks they run – though the specific judging criteria will be decided on-site at the event when the judges convene. But there are guaranteed to be no style restrictions or limitations in place.

Course details of Red Bull Imagination in Fort Scott, Kansas.
Tyler Bereman competes in Red Bull Imagination.