Welcome To Round 13 In Atlanta

Historical Notes

450SX Class: Atlanta Facts

The first 450SX Class race held in Atlanta was on March 5, 1977 and Bob Hannah won the race on a Yamaha. The series has only missed Atlanta twice since 1977 (1987 and 1988). Fulton County Stadium hosted 14 450SX Class races from 1977 through 1992 before being demolished. The largest domed stadium in the world was being built right up the road and would begin hosting Supercross in 1993. The Georgia Dome stood until 2017 hosting 26 450SX Class races before it too was demolished in lieu of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium entered the Supercross fray with a bang hosting a Triple Crown in its inaugural season of 2018. The series returned to the Benz in 2019 and 2020 as well.

Atlanta will host a different kind of “Triple Crown” this season than previous and in a brand new 450SX Class venue. Atlanta Motor Speedway is set to host Rounds 13 through 15 becoming the 62nd different venue to host a 450SX Class race and fourth within the Atlanta market. Atlanta
Motor Speedway has been open since 1960 and Dale Earnhardt is the winningest racer with nine NASCAR victories there. The first Atlanta race will be the 44th 450SX Class race in the Atlanta Market.

Late season surge? The winner of the Atlanta Supercross has gone on to win the 450SX Class title 25 times in 43 seasons, including 10 straight seasons from 1998 through 2007. This is the latest in the season Atlanta has ever been scheduled as it typically falls right in the middle of the season.

Manufacturer Wins in Atlanta (Last Win)
Yamaha: 11 (’09)
Honda: 11 (’20)
Kawasaki: 8 (’15)
Suzuki: 6 (’13)
KTM: 6 (’19)
Husqvarna: 1 (’18)March 30, 2021

Top Winners in Atlanta
Jeremy McGrath: 5 (’94, ’96, ’98-’00)
Ricky Carmichael: 5 (’01-’03, ’05-’06)
Ryan Dungey: 5 (’10, ’12, ’15-’17)
Bob Hannah: 3 (’77, ’79, ’82)
Mark Barnett: 3 (’81, ’83, ’85)
Damon Bradshaw: 3 (’91-’93)
James Stewart: 3 (’07, ’09, ’13)

450SX Class: First Time Winners in Atlanta
Bob Hannah: 1977
Chuck Sun: 1980
Jeff Stanton: 1989
Damon Huffman: 1997
Davi Millsaps: 2008