Yamaha Motor Canada Presents Behind The Lens From Deschambault

As I mentioned yesterday in my Monday Gate Drop, it was quite a weekend at the beautiful Deschambault track in Quebec. From the moment we arrived on Thursday morning the facility looked amazing and you could see the work that Daniel Thibault and his crew had put in. The ECAN is and always will be a great event and it was great to see so many riders from Quebec, Ontario, and both Coasts supporting it. Also, after not travelling to Quebec last summer it was great to see the Triple Crown Series back at Deschambault as both the fans and the riders love going there. As usual, the racing was superb on both Sunday as well as Monday morning and now the riders head back to Walton Raceway to conclude this exciting 2021 series.

Although the Deschambault track is made up of mostly sand, lurking under the golden coloured loam is a hard base consisting of clay and granite like substance. Because of the inconsistent surface, the Deschambault track can bite a rider very quickly. Over the years we’ve riders like Brett Metcalfe and Cole Thompson crashed hard and struggle to get up. This year we saw several top riders hit the deck hard including Dylan Wright, Tim Tremblay, Shawn Maffenbeier, and Jess Pettis. Of those four only Wright was able to get back in the race and have a solid finish and moving forward only Wright and Maffenbeier will be healthy enough to compete at Round 8 in Walton. It was a tough blow for Pettis who at the time of his crash was sitting second in the race and on his way to carrying a one-point lead into the final round. Now, with Pettis out for the remainder of the season, Dylan Wright heads into Walton with a 21 point lead in the 450 class. With the great battles that these two have had all summer long, it’s a shame we won’t get to see at least one more at Walton.

In the 250 class, the script couldn’t have been written any better as heading into the final two motos four riders have a shot at this title. For Jacob Piccolo, he’s had a glorious summer so far and with one round remaining he has a three-point lead over Ryder McNabb. Piccolo has been getting great starts recently so you have to assume that he will be upfront when the gate drops at Walton Raceway. On Monday, Piccolo was on his way to yet another win when his rear brake pedal broke off, causing him to slow considerably and drop back to sixth. Back in third is Darian Sanayei and right now he sits just seven points back of our teenage duo. Sanayei has been getting better and better in recent weeks and I believe his best is yet to come. If he goes 1-1 at Walton and either Piccolo or McNabb struggle, then Sanayei will have made one the greatest comebacks we’ve seen in some time to win this 250 title. Tanner Ward is currently eleven points back so he’s a long shot right now to win this title. Tanner had a few opportunities to win motos in Quebec but failed to do so. Obviously, his plan for Walton will be to win both motos and then see what the other riders in front of him do. Not ideal, but at least Ward has a shot.

It was a great weekend of racing in Quebec and other than the numerous crashes, everyone had a great time. I for one don’t want to see this series as it’s gone by way too fast. However, Walton Raceway will be a great host as it always is for the final round of the 2021 Triple Crown Series. But before we head to Walton let’s look back at some incredible James Lissimore photos from Deschambault.