Yamaha Motor Canada Presents Feedback: 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series Schedule

After a few weeks of anticipation, the 2020 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series schedule has now been released. Recently there had been much speculation about possible venue changes and the overall length of both the MXTour series as well as the SXTour series. When news broke a few weeks back about the Montreal SX being cancelled, it instantly brought up the question if the Triple Crown Series would be able to replace this iconic race, or would the SXTour just go down to two rounds. Well, all of these questions were answered yesterday as the 2020 Triple Crown schedule was released to the public.

As you look through the new schedule, which kicks off in Sarnia on April 25th, some of the highlights include the AXTour beginning in the east and then moving west for a double header finale in Calgary. Two weeks later the nine round MXTour begins just across town at the Wild Rose MX Park. There are two new tracks to the MXTour Series, including Round 3 in Drumheller, AB, and Round 4 in Regina, SK, and then the eastern half of the series will remain the same as 2019. However, even with the juggling of the dates, as well as the new venues, the biggest news for 2020 is that all MXTour events are now back on Sundays while still using the live television package. We think everyone will agree that spectator turnout will increase with Sunday Nationals,  which is good news for the entire series. Even with a solid live television package, it’s vital that we get as many people as possible to see these amazing events in person. Sundays should be better and we applaud the change. After a busy summer, the MXTour will conclude at Walton Raceway on August 16th. As mentioned above, with the departure of the Montreal SX in 2020, this leaves the SXTour with just two rounds. From our point of view this looks like a great schedule and the 2020 Triple Crown Series should be very exciting. To get more feedback on this new schedule we reached out to a couple industry people to get their thoughts.

The opening round of the 2020 MXTour will once again be in Calgary at the Wild Rose MX Park. Photo by James Lissimore

Derek Schuster: Honda Racing Fox GDR Team Manager

“The new schedule looks good. I like the AXTour beginning in the east and then ending in Calgary two weeks before the MXTour begins. This makes for better travel and less time on the road. I haven’t really heard anything about the new track in Drumheller but I assume it will be good. The racing has always been good in Regina so it will be fun racing there again. The eastern part of the MXTour is unchanged so we know how well it works. It’s too bad the SXTour is only two rounds, but with the Montreal SX pulling out I understand why. I also think going back to Sunday races will be good for the series and for getting more spectators through the gates. We at Gopher Dunes were okay with Saturday races but I know some markets suffered a little. Everything looks real good and we’re looking forward to going racing in April next year”.

Tyler Medaglia: Monster Energy Alpinestar Piller’s Kawasaki Rider

“I think the schedule looks good for next year. Starting the AXTour in the east makes sense to me, as does having it conclude in Calgary and beginning the MXTour two weeks later. I’d like to see them do away with handing out separate titles for the AXTour and SXTour Series; having to decide a championship in two or three races doesn’t make sense to me. I wish they would just do an indoor championship as well as an outdoor one. I also like that the MXTour has gone back to Sundays for pro day, which should get more spectators out to watch us race. I think everything looks good and I’m excited to get back at it in 2020 and return to the 450 class”.